10 Creative Ways to Repurpose old Magazines

Once a year my daughter comes home with a magazine sales flyer as a fund raiser for school. I truly detest those fund raisers but feel I need to do my part to help support the school. I therefor buy exactly ONE magazine from her every year. But somehow, my name is on some list where I randomly get free magazines in the mail every week. And I don’t know who the heck they think I am but I don’t need a skiing magazine in Georgia, nor am I interested in the latest celebrity gossip. If someone knows how to get my name OFF this random magazine mailing list, I would love to know how to do it! While I throw alot of these magazines in the recycle bin, I have started looking for ways to repurpose old magazines in my effort to ‘throw away’ fewer things this year. While recycling is great, learning how to repurpose old magazines will reduce your carbon footprint even more. So, as I sit here staring at stacks of old magazines, here are a few ways I have come up with to keep them out of the recycle bin!

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How to Repurpose Old Magazines

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10 Ways to Repurpose old Magazines

1. Make a vision board:  Cut out things from magazines that inspire you…and glue them onto a board. Display this prominently in your office to help keep yourself focused on your goals and dreams.

2. Cut out images and use them in crafts.  Flower images are beautiful to decoupage onto wine bottles, eggshells, wooden furniture, etc. You could also cut out pictures of animals and food and use them in children’s crafts.

3. Donate to a local elementary or preschool.  They are always looking for cheap craft supplies!

4. Leave them everywhere you go!  Doctors offices, nursing homes, the orthodontist, your kid’s school office…there are so many places that have a ‘waiting room’ just waiting for your magazines!

5. Put them on Freecycle: People are always looking for free things and magazines have a ton of different uses.

6. Learn origami:  Use the magazine pages in an origami craft. Make small origami boxes and tuck tiny gifts inside for the holidays.

7. Create Custom Ceramic Tiles   With just old tiles, magazine pictures and some ModPodge you can create some beautiful custom tiles. Make smaller versions of these and add a small magnet on the back to create beautiful magnets for your refrigerator!

8. Donate to the library.  Some libraries will accept past copies of magazines to loan out to patrons.

9. Make a DIY earwig trap for your garden.  I made mine with newspaper but magazine pages will work well too.

10. Use them as boot shapers. If you have a pair of boots that refuses to stand up straight, just roll up magazines and insert one inside each boot. You found a great way to repurpose old magazines AND your boots will never fall over again!

Do you have any other ways to repurpose old magazines?

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  1. I don't have a lot of them anymore myself, but these are some great ideas for reusing old magazines!
  2. These are some great ideas! I usually pass magazines on to my parents' office. Otherwise, I recycle old ones. I love the idea of using as boot shapers or donating to the library.
  3. I love it when people donate their magazines to the library, I often pick them up and also donate my old ones too.
  4. Susan Harris says:
    These are some terrific ideas for using old magazines. I also order every year from my grandchildren. Thanks for the tips
    • Glad to help! My mom is a magazine hoarder and keeps them all. I keep suggesting a few of these ideas to her but she just cant part with them

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