Asian Fusion Cooking Made Easy

Have a love for Asian fusion cooking? You’re not the only one! This culinary trend is becoming quite popular and this Asian cookbook will walk you through how to get started with some delicious Asian fusion recipes!


Asian Fusion Cooking Made Easy

Title: Asian Fusion
Subtitle: A culinary Odyssey of Vegan Recipes
Author: Chat Mingkwan
ISBN:  978-1570672316
Publisher: Book Publishing Company (TN) (September 20, 2010)
Pages: 192 pages (paperback)

About This Asian Fusion Cookbook

Today’s Asian cuisines are a result of the natural fusion of local ingredients with centuries of influence and inspiration from China, India, and Europe. Enjoy the fascinating history of these cuisines as you go on a culinary odyssey of faithful vegan translations of signature dishes from all corners of the Asian continent—from Japan, China, Korea, Thailand and India to Laos, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Burma, and the Philippines.

Asian Recipes to Try

Readers will learn how to use and where to find herbs and spices unique to these areas and will enjoy Chat’s practical approach to creating authentic Asian flavors for Western kitchens. Curry lovers will appreciate a variety of curries from neighboring countries that illustrate both subtle and radical differences. Use of plant-based ingredients to replace fish allows those who are allergic to seafood and shellfish to enjoy this cuisine.

About the Author:

Native Thai author Chat Mingkwan is the celebrated owner of Unusual Touch Cooking School in San Francisco and conducts gourmet tours of southeast Asia. He is also the author of “Vietnamese Fusion” and “Buddha’s Table.”

vegetarian asian fusion recipe

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Asian Fusion Cookbook Review

I am a big fan of Asian cuisine. The flavors are so unique, as are many of the vegetables and pastas that are included in the dishes. Traditional Asian meals do not normally contain a lot of dairy. As a result, that ingredient is not particularly missed in these vegan Asian recipes. Meat, too, can be take it or leave it in many Asian dishes.  I did not miss it’s presence in this cookbook. If you are trying to include more vegan dishes in your diet, eating Asian foods is one way to do that without even noticing it!

What does Asian fusion mean? Fusion cuisine is cuisine that combines elements of different culinary traditions. Asian fusion cooking combine the various cuisines of different Asian countries.

If you have never cooked Asian foods at home, this book will be a very handy reference guide. The first 20 pages is nothing but the ingredients and their definitions! This is a very helpful section when you are trying to shop for ingredients. Should you look for Chana dal with the vegetables or the spices? (it is a pea, usually sold dried by the way!)

About These Asian Fusion Recipes

The recipes are divided by region, which makes it a little hard to flip through  to find a recipe but the index in the back simplifies it since you can look up ‘eggplant’ and find all appropriate dishes. Each recipe is given an English name as well as it’s traditional name and there are a few sentences about each one describing its’ history, taste, technique, etc.

I was a little intimidated by the number of ingredients in some of the recipes.  Of course, this is not unusual for Asian cuisine. So many flavors, spices, vegetables, etc are added to some dishes to achieve just the right flavor. The recipes aren’t necessarily complicated or time consuming, however, these are not 5 ingredient dishes.

The author does a wonderful job of describing the preparation steps of each recipe. As a result, even if you are a novice in the kitchen, you will not have too much trouble with the preparation of these dishes. I think this book includes a wonderful selection of recipes from a number of different regions of Asia.

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