Sears 25 dollar gift card give away to start your fall off right! (easy entry!) #bpop

Summer is on the way out and in comes fall with a whole new set of things we need to shop for.  Whether you are looking for warmer clothes, gardening supplies, or some exercise equipment Sears is a great place to shop. They offer a great selection of products for your home, garden or wardrobe that are reasonably priced.  I remember going to Sears with my dad when I was younger…he was always a big fan of their tools!


So, in honor of fall and the BlogPOP Fall Ball, enter to win a $25 gift card to Sears!

Enter on the Rafflecopter form below!

Easy Entry!  Ends 9/21/2012


Disclaimer:  I received no compensation for posting this information.

By entering this giveaway, you release this blog and it’s owner from any liability whatsoever, and waive any and all causes of action, related to any claims, costs, injuries, losses or damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with the giveaway or delivery, mis-delivery or acceptance of any prize.

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Diane has a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology with a Minor in Health Management and Policy. She spent many years working in cancer research, academics, and biotechnology. Concern over the growing incidence of human disease and the birth of her children led her to begin living a more natural life. She quickly realized that the information she was learning along the way could be beneficial to many others and started blogging as a way to share this knowledge with others. While passionate about health and the environment she can’t quite give up her favorite Cheetos and Diet Coke!


  1. Heather Hayes Panjon says:
    I Would Use It For Christmas !:)
  2. I would put this toward the purchase of a washer and dryer. We just moved into a new home and don't have any way to wash clothes other than the laundromat.
  3. I would buy sneakers for my daughter.
  4. I would stock up on clothing for my kids! Thanks!
  5. Tanya Phillips says:
    I would use it towards a new dress for myself :) thanks for the chance
  6. Audra Weathers says:
    I would get my daughter some Winter clothes; something cute to play out in the snow.
  7. I'd get winter clothes for kids.
  8. I would use it to buy a pair of shoes.
  9. Mary Beth Elderton says:
    I seriously need some new clothes--this would be great for that.
  10. Jenna M Wood says:
    I'd use the GC for Christmas Shopping.
  11. I'd buy some new sheets.
  12. Kassie Jo Lauhoff says:
    Use it for Christmas Presents
  13. I would like a new backpack.
  14. Leslie Galloway says:
    I'd get my son some new shoes.
  15. kids clothes
  16. New shirts for my hubby.
  17. I may use it for glasses . tarter95 athotmail dot com
  18. I would get my daughter some fall clothing
  19. I would buy some pajamas!
  20. colleen boudreau says:
    I would get new shoes.
  21. I would buy a slow cooker
  22. We need some drinking glasses!
  23. A new pair of pants.
  24. april yedinak says:
    cute tops for my daughter
  25. To buy salt for the water softener system.
  26. I'd give it to my sweetheart so he can buy tools :P
  27. I'd love to get some camping gear!
  28. I would put it towards some new exercise equipment.
  29. I would buy nice work clothes!
  30. Veronica De Luna says:
    Baby clothes for my baby girl who's due in October.
  31. Serena Powell says:
    I am getting ready to redo my room so this would be very helpful
  32. Clothes of my kids.
  33. Michele Behlen says:
    I would use it for Christmas gifts.
  34. Colleen FOwler says:
    tools for my husband!
  35. I would buy tools with this gift card.
  36. Seyma Shabbir says:
    school clothes for the kids
  37. I would use it for a DVD movie.janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com
  38. I would like to buy toaster oven.
  39. Debra L. Guillen says:
    Christmas shopping
  40. I would buy new socks
  41. Megan Earley says:
    I'd buy a sweater
  42. Kerrie Mayans says:
  43. soha molina says:
    Halloween decorations
  44. Debbie Jackson says:
    new towels debbie jackson, djackson1958 at hotmail dot com
  45. annette campbell says:
    I would start ChristmaS SHOPPING
  46. Michelle Spayde says:
    I would use it at Kmart for kitty litter.
  47. Kathy Davis says:
    My grandbaby will be one month old tomorrow. I would use the GC to purchase items for her. Thanks.
  48. nannypanpan says:
    new work pants for my husband [email protected]
  49. Andrea Williams says:
    I would buy a new sweater.
  50. I would by something for my daughter and son..
  51. some new tops
  52. Paul T/Pauline T says:
    clothes for my hubby - - Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran..... emscout9 at Hotmail dot com
  53. I just started a new job, so I would buy some work clothes. PMNSL95 at triad dot rr dot com
  54. hand tools
  55. I would maybe get a new coffee maker or deep fryer.
  56. I would get a new shirt. thanks
  57. I would get new towels.
  58. probably use it for Christmas gifts
  59. Rhiannon Rowland says:
    My kids still need some jeans for school, so that is what I would use it for.
  60. susan hartman says:
    I could put it towards a new food processor
  61. I would use it for Christmas!
  62. I would get socks
  63. I'd buy my son something with it
  64. Crystal Renee says:
    would use it towards a new microwave. sellcrystal2[at]gmail[dot]com
  65. I would buy clothes.
  66. Ellen Levickis says:
    shoes for son
  67. My grandma is actually planning on going to look for a new riding lawn mower pretty soon, and if she finds one she likes, I'll definitely give her this to put toward it :)
  68. If I won, I would buy a tool for my husband's birthday
  69. I'd probably put it towards a dress or shoes!
  70. I need a new pair of gardening gloves.
  71. Crissy Durst says:
    I would buy a new purse
  72. Back to school clothes!
  73. amy beth marantino says:
    a new fall jacket
  74. I really need new shoes, so I would use this toward a good pair for me! Thanks! h4schaffer at gmail dot com
  75. I would use it toward starting my christmas shopping
  76. I would get some new turtlenecks for the winter.
  77. i would use this to get something for my dad
  78. Sears has good men's clothing. My husband needs new clothes- I'd get him something
  79. krista grandstaff says:
    tool shopping for Christmas...I always have a list of Craftsman tools that I am supposed to pick up :)
  80. I would use it on kids clothes. I love their kids clothes.
  81. new clothes or christmas gifts!
  82. Charlotte Varner says:
    My daughter wanted a pair of adorable "Pastries" shoes, so I would get those.
  83. Leann Lindeman says:
    I would go straight to the clothing department!
  84. I'd use it to buy shoes.
  85. on some furniture!
  86. sarah cooke says:
  87. Aimee Fontenot says:
    I would probably buy a new pillow!
  88. Stacey Roberson says:
    I would buy some new outfits for my little guy. Thanks so much for the giveaway!
  89. jodi lasher says:
    I would put it towards a winter coat for my daughter. Thanks
  90. I would put it towards some christmas gifts for my kids.
  91. Mary Anderson says:
  92. shop one of the designer labels, im curious how they hold up and fit.
  93. I would buy a new shirt for my son. Thanks, Karen lemontart5kb at gmail dot com
  94. awesome!
  95. Need some new Shoes!
  96. Underwear. Thanks for the contest.
  97. Sandra davis says:
    tools for my husband
  98. i would buy a dress for my birthday.
  99. Mary Happymommy says:
    I would buy jeans for my son.
  100. richelle bowers says:
    something for my daughters bday
  101. Bonnie Sloan Smith says:
    Would buy my grandson some jeans, he grows so fast! We moght put it toward a new TV if there was a good deal offered! Thanks!
  102. To get some craftsman tool for my boyfriend for Christmas
  103. Heather Bridson says:
    I've got 2 baby showers to go to in a couple months..... so Baby gifts!!
  104. Sara Zielinski says:
    I would buy some electronics
  105. Victoria R. says:
    This would be great to finish stocking up on back to school clothes!
  106. I would use it towards fall clothing for my children. Thanks for the chance.
  107. i would use to get my mom a birthday gift:)
  108. Daniel Thornton says:
    I would by gardening tools
  109. We all need pajamas!
  110. I'd use this for some new sheets.
  111. I need to add to my gift stash ....
  112. Probably some winter boots
  113. stephanie rowe says:
    my daughter needs some new tennis shoes for school, so i would get that, thanks so much!
  114. i'll try to hold on to it for christmas presents for the kids
  115. I would use this for some new fall clothes!
  116. I'd put it towards new work boots for the hubby.
  117. I would use it to get some much needed shoes.
  118. a new t shirt
  119. I would use this for clothes for my son for his bday present
  120. Tara Liebing says:
    I would save it for Black Friday shopping
  121. Thomas Murphy says:
  122. I'd use towards my daughter's Birthday. Carol L Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com
  123. I'd buy my niece B a birthday present, since her birthday's a mere month and a half away.
  124. buy xmas gifts
  125. buy christmas gits
  126. Marcia Goss says:
    I would get some new jeans for my granddaughter.
  127. tracey byram says:
    I'd use it towards the purchase of a winter jacket for Liz.
  128. Jennifer (Jen) Boehme says:
    I would gift it to my brother, he needs a bit of help right now, this would help.
  129. Shoes
  130. I'd buy some news tops... my closet could use a little sprucing up!
  131. new church clothing for my kids
  132. I would buy a pair of jeans at Sears.
  133. ivy arrington says:
    I would use it to help with xmas gifts
  134. I would buy something nice for the kids.
  135. Jessica Carnaggio says:
    I would use it to start buying Christmas presents.
  136. Stacey Cockrell says:
    Towards Christmas presents.
  137. Beth Ann Erwin says:
    I'd use this towards Christmas shopping!
  138. I would give to my husband for Christmas and let him pick out some tools.
  139. Robert Pyszk says:
    I would buy a new shirt
  140. Christmas presents!!!
  141. paige chandler says:
    I'd get new pajamas for the kids.
  142. Julie Lynn Bickham says:
    I would put it towards a fall coat for my daughter.
  143. Diane Vescio says:
    I would buy new socks!
  144. I would use it to get sneakers.
  145. I would use it for Christmas shopping.
  146. I would either use it for Christmas or to buy clothes for my kids. Always loved Sears clothing.
  147. ThePixieSprinkles says:
    Because it's Sears, my husband would steal it for tools! lolThank you for the chance to win! =)
  148. I would use it for my husbands birthday gift :)
  149. I would use it towards Christmas stuff for my husband.
  150. Jennifer W. (Auri Lae) says:
    We're expecting a new baby, so this would be kept in reserve for all those little things you find you need :)
  151. I would use it towards Craftsman tools for hubby.
  152. Jessica Snow says:
    I would use it for a Christmas gift. Thanks for the giveaway! =)
  153. I'd get some new comfy shoes for work :)
  154. I'd use it to get winter clothing
  155. I would use it for Fall clothes
  156. Clothes for the kiddos
  157. I'd use it to buy slippers for my husband. Thanks!
  158. Clothes for my son
  159. Holly Hennessy Swint says:
    I would use it to buy some new clothes for my Hubby.
  160. Melissa Scoville says:
    new jeans!
  161. Angie tim baldridge says:
    Buy something for my daughter
  162. Danielle Papsis says:
    I'd buy a hood for our range.
  163. I need a new pair of Skechers for work. I only wear one style and Sears carries them.
  164. I could buy a new coffee maker with it!
  165. Christmas shopping for grandkids
  166. My boyfriend and I are looking into get a water purifying system for our home, this would definitely help towards that.
  167. I would use it for new shoes for myself. Thank you for the giveaway!
  168. I would buy some new shoes.
  169. new shoes!
  170. Clothes! :)
  171. Tracy Robertson says:
    I need new towels, so I'd put the GC towards that.
  172. christmas present
  173. I'd use it for Christmas shopping!
  174. Cindy Merrill says:
    I'd buy a new birdfeeder and birdseed - a naughty raccoon trashed ours a few days ago.
  175. Melissa horn says:
    I would use it on my kids. Something special for them.
  176. I'd use it to get a new hoodie for my son. Thanks. partymix25(at)hotmail(dot)com
  177. jennifer horn says:
    I'd use it to get my husband some tools.
  178. Gina M (Crave to Save) says:
    I would love to get my husband some new dress shoes Entered the rafflecopter form as "crave to save"Thanks for the chance to win! gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com
  179. I would put it towards a new winter coat. Thanks for doing this giveaway!
  180. i'd get some new shoes
  181. Jenny Stanek says:
  182. I would use it on household goods.
  183. Alicia Ponce says:
    I'm saving for x-mas.
  184. Andrea Darst says:
    My daughter
  185. A new dishwasher.
  186. betsy cortez says:
    my daughters
  187. winter coat
  188. I would use it to get some new clothes. Thanks!
  189. Buy clothes and a perfume.
  190. some new shorts
  191. Sylvia White says:
    Shoes for my grandaughter
  192. Diane @ Me, Him And The Cats says:
    A dress for my aunts wedding!
  193. New Shoes for my husband!Lisa M bud lisa samson
  194. some new socks!
  195. Hello, I would probably buy a gift with it. Fall is a busy birthday month. Thanks for a great giveaway!
  196. I could use some undershirts
  197. I will be redecorating soon, so something along those lines.
  198. Clothes!
  199. I'm in serious need of some new pillows!
  200. Shoes for the kids.
  201. bill elliott says:
    I would use it towards buying my 7 Grandchildren Christmas Gifts
  202. I would use it towards Christmas shopping...can never start too early! Thanks for the chance to win!
  203. I would love to get a new pair of jeans for me!
  204. Christmas shopping.
  205. elven johnson says:
    I'd get a nice pair of shoes.
  206. New clothes for my kids
  207. I'd use this towards new towels probably.
  208. I would use it towards a new winter coat!
  209. I need some new pants for work!
  210. Tiffany Christie says:
    I would get clothes.
  211. Stacey A Smith says:
    New Clothing
  212. Michelle Macaluso says:
    I would get some clothes for my [email protected]
  213. i'd get garden stuff
  214. Socks
  215. Jeans
  216. What ever it would buy. Thank you. Jerri Davis
  217. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:
    put it towards a set of pans vmkids3 at msn dot com
  218. i would put it towards gifts for my sons bday
  219. I would use it toward new shoes for myself.
  220. I'd put it towards our Christmas fund!
  221. Lisa Hackney says:
    I would use it to buy my husband's Christmas present.
  222. id get a new keyboard for my son
  223. i would use it towards a new carpet i really need a new area rug for my living room!
  224. amy williams says:
    I would get something for my husband
  225. I'd buy a few things for the kids. Thanks for the chance.
  226. I'd buy myself a new shirt
  227. Sherry Conrad says:
    Jeans for my grandson.
  228. I would save it for Christmas shopping
  229. This would go towards a new pair of shoes for my son. :-) Thank you.
  230. I'd use it for clothes for winter.
  231. I would use it to get my hubby some new work shirts!
  232. shoes
  233. Barbara Montag says:
    I'd use it toward new walking shoes - thank you.
  234. Some accessories.
  235. Roberta Horn says:
    This would go towards my 17 year old daughter's Christmas. She loves to shop and has asked for mainly gift cards for Christmas and she loves the "softer side of Sear's"!
  236. boots
  237. I'd use it towards new clothes for winter!
  238. Francine Anchondo says:
  239. Jessica Carnaggio says:
    I would use this card towards Christmas presents.
  240. micheal dale grim says:
    i would use it to finish up with the kids back to school supplies
  241. i would put it towards a new kitchen aid mixer for my daughter
  242. My hubby is having a birthday so I'd buy him some clothes. Thanks for the opportunity!
  243. I would give it to my husband, he is always running to Sears for tools, stuff for the patio, and stuff for his man cave.
  244. Save it for Christmas presents!
  245. Clothes for my little girl or at gmail dot com
  246. I would use this for some tools for my husband!
  247. Christmas gifts!
  248. Rebecca Shockley says:
    Birthdays and holiday gift's
  249. Traci Lynn Butler says:
    A new filter for our fridge
  250. I would use it toward a new pair of pants for my son.
  251. Lynnette Watkins says:
    A DVD player my 8 year old the last one.
  252. I's save it for christmas shopping
  253. I would use it towards the purchase of my refrigerator water filter.
  254. I'd probably buy a dumbbell.
  255. Clothes for work!
  256. I'd buy jeans.
  257. I'd like to buy some gym shoes
  258. I'd use it for Christmas gifts.
  259. Jennifer Marie says:
    I would buy some pants for work.
  260. I would use it for Christmas
  261. Halloween decorations:)
  262. I would use it toward a new comforter.
  263. A new sweater!
  264. I use it for Christmas.
  265. I am expecting a baby in November, so I could use this money to buy stuff for baby.
  266. :) So Many Birthdays and Christmas!
  267. I would buy myself a new shirt! Thanks for the giveaway!
  268. I would DEFINATELY use the gift card to purchase some interview clothes so I can look presentable when I apply for the job of my dreams :) nice clothes can be a good confidence booster.
  269. Jenna Parsons says:
    Some new bras
  270. I'd be so blessed to use the card to buy new clothes for my children for Christmas!
  271. New Clothes!
  272. I would use the card for new shoes! Thank you!
  273. Baby clothes
  274. probably get my daughter some shoes or a new winter jacket
  275. New clothes for myself, I just had my fourth and last baby. It seems as though my wardrobe consists of maternity clothes and nothing else.
  276. Giveaway Gal says:
    I would use it towards Xmas gifts.
  277. Sherre L Schwartz says:
    I would use it to buy some fall decorations
  278. I would shop the sandal sale and them for next year.
  279. use it for new comforter- apply it towards
  280. i would save it for christmas time...which isnt far [email protected]
  281. Andrea Perra Hadfield says:
    I would use it towards Christmas gifts
  282. I need new underwear!
  283. mary ellen ashenfelder says:
    I would use the card to get some winter clothing for my grandson.
  284. I would use it to buy shoes
  285. I am collecting/saving Sears gift cards to buy a freezer.
  286. cindy harris says:
    I would give it to my daughter so she could buy more clothes for work!
  287. I would use it to buy clothes for my son.
  288. Linda Wheeler says:
    Would love to win !!
  289. Whenever I go to my local Sears, I enter through the lingerie section. Sears offers such good deals on underwear and they are absolutely beautiful, whether cute and colorful, feminine and frilly, or elegant and silky. I would love to purchase a few pairs.
  290. I would use it for Christmas shopping!
  291. I woud get some new clothes for work.
  292. I would get myself a new pair of shoes, I really need some.
  293. I'd put this towards new tools.
  294. I would get my daughter some more school clothes
  295. I would use it to get a new jacket
  296. Elise Fraser says:
    I would LOVE to use this as me and my new husband settle into our first apartment:) We need towels and a bunch of home items!
  297. Pamela Halligan says:
    I'd use it towards a housewarming gift for my sister. Thanks for the giveaway.
  298. Betsy Rubendall Barnes says:
    I would save this for Christmas, if I won :)
  299. Christmas presents
  300. I remember as a kid I would look through the thick Sears catalog and think of all the things I would like to order.
  301. I'd use it to buy a new pair of shoes
  302. carol roberts says:
    like to win for christmas give to my daughter
  303. carol roberts says:
    like to win for christmas give to my daughter
  304. i would use it to buy myself a late birthday gift :)
  305. I would probably get some towels -- we really need new ones Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net
  306. To buy a christmas present for someone in my family.
  307. I would put this towards a new fridge that we need for our new house.
  308. I'd buy some shoes.
  309. we need one more backpack
  310. bill elliott says:
    I would buy Christmas gifts for my family
  311. Annemarie Z. says:
    I would buy some boots!
  312. I would put it towards my daughter's birthday.
  313. jeanne conner says:
  314. I would buy my son a pair of shoes
  315. I would get my daughter some jeans for school
  316. christmas gifts :)
  317. I'd buy some new shoes
  318. XMAS...for sure...thanks!
  319. I'd use it for some underwear.
  320. school clothes or sneakers
  321. some black shoes for me thanks
  322. Kate Baynard says:
    I would use it towards are stick blender.
  323. Halloween Costume's for my kids, I don't have a ton of cash right now so every bit helps!crunchygreenmom(at)gmail(dot)com
  324. Sherry Fowler says:
  325. Heather Poindexter says:
    I would put it towrds a tv
  326. I would get some new pots & pans
  327. I'd like to get some new shoes. trixpixel[at]
  328. New bedding!

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