Valentines Day Gifts from a*pour toi

My husband and I have been married for 16 years.  At this point, he knows the type of Valentines Day gifts I like to receive.  I do not want black lace, expensive diamonds or exotic weekends at spas.  What I do like for Valentines Day gifts are things that I can EAT.  Gourmet foods, especially sweets, are one of my biggest weaknesses.  Not great for my waste line but some days, fancy sweets are vital to my sanity.  I recently received a wonderful box of gourmet food gifts from a*pour toi and if you are looking for unique Valentines Day gifts, I really recommend you check them out.


Founded on the principle of giving with care, elegance and joy, a*pour toi literally means a*[present] for you.  It was founded by Julie Hasson, a sophisticated Parisienne who has lived in many parts of the world. She is committed to seeking out the finest things to bring pleasure into people’s lives.  As a busy mom, I can honestly say that I appreciate every single moment of pleasure in my very chaotic life!  What is a*pour toi?  Basically, it is a subscription box service that offers a box of gourmet treats every single month.  There are a few different types of boxes and subscriptions to choose from, depending on your budget and the selection you are interested in.

Gourmet Valentines Day Gifts from a*pour toi

valentines day gifts

AMOUR box is designed around the theme of AMOUR, which means LOVE, in tribute of Valentine’s day. A great choice if you are buying Valentines Day gifts for someone who deserves a little pampering!

ELEGANCE box selection change monthly. It’s a beautiful way for you to show your care and nurture your relationship with a monthly top of mind to your recipient by choosing our subscription offer.

GENEROSITY box is a highly generous luxury box for special occasions. Inside are 44 full-sized gourmets biscuits and savory, plus gorgeous French chocolate and some other delicacies, all from American, French and a*pour toi brands.


For my review, I received the Elegance box which was not only filled with delicious treats but it was packaged beautifully!  The box slides open and the contents are packaged in a handy reusable bag.  The box I received contained truffles, white chocolate covered pistachios, melon & muscat Gluten Free biscuits from Les Aristocades, 3 Butter horns, 3 calissons, chocolate vanilla swirl wafers, and chocolate dipped Almondina.


Delicious Valentines Day Gifts

One of the things I love about this subscription service is that a*pour toi really cares about the quality of the ingredients that are included. The look for products that contain only pure ingredients that are full of flavors.  Organic, non-GMO or raw ingredients are chosen as much as possible. They work with both small  and large producers that offer  quality rather than product shelf life.  The quality of the ingredients is definitely obvious when you try these delicious treats. My only wish is that there was more!  My children decided that this package was clearly meant to share so I couldn’t hoard everything for myself!  The butterhorns (shown above) were my all time favorite!  Sweet and tender, full of flavor and just delicious!  Of course, there was not a single item in the box that I didn’t like but that was definitely a favorite!

If you are looking for unique Valentines Day gifts, I recommend you check out a*pour toi.  Anybody who enjoys a decadent and sweet little treat now and then would definitely appreciate this!

The Giveaway

a*pour toi wants to give TWO of my readers the chance to win a box similar to the one I received.  Remember that each month is a little different so your items might vary but will all be delicious!  This is a giveaway tools contest so follow the directions in the  form to enter.  This contest ends at midnight EST on February 22, 2013


Disclaimer:  In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials.”: I received product samples  in exchange for my honest review. I received no monetary compensation. All opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone. Some of the links in this post may be “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.


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About Diane

Diane has a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology with a Minor in Health Management and Policy. She spent many years working in cancer research, academics, and biotechnology. Concern over the growing incidence of human disease and the birth of her children led her to begin living a more natural life. She quickly realized that the information she was learning along the way could be beneficial to many others and started blogging as a way to share this knowledge with others. While passionate about health and the environment she can’t quite give up her favorite Cheetos and Diet Coke!


  1. Sharon Rozier says:
    My son who is starting his new life as a truck driver!!
  2. nichol tone says:
    Me and my home a rough relationship so I would send it to her
  3. Jennifer Marie says:
    To me it means that you are sending your heart to someone. I would send this to hubby.
  4. natalie nichols says:
    To me it means giving someone you love a gift, not because it's a holiday or because they asked for it, but because you want them to feel cared about.
  5. Sunne Hogan says:
    To give something that I know someone would appreciate that is just for them because they would enjoy it.
  6. debbie jackson says:
    It means a display of your regards for them and I would send it to hubs debbie jackson djackson1958 at hotmail dot com
  7. to me, it means you took time to figure out what the recipient is crazy about and carefully picking out a fantastic gift for them!
  8. They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach... so I might 'gift' it in the form of a quiet dinner with my husband.
  9. A nice gift can really help to brighten someone's day! A good friend of mine has a birthday coming up, and she will be alone, as her husband is currently deployed. I would love to send this to her!
  10. It means to me, letting someone know you are thinking of them and that you care! My daughter's best friend is having a rough time right now, I'd send it to her!
  11. Amanda Rauch says:
    I would send it to my friend who has always been there for me no matter what. She has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion and I don't seem to ever get to repay her.
  12. susan hartman says:
    It would have to go to my husband of 39 years.
  13. Sometimes all a gift needs to say is "I'm thinking of you". I'd probably give it to my husband - he works so hard for our family.
  14. I've give this to my wife.
  15. I'd send this to my best friend.
  16. Julie Lynn Bickham says:
    A gift from the heart means so much more then anything. I would give this to my best friend who just had hip surgery.
  17. dan williams says:
    a woman that has my heart
  18. Carrie Phelps says:
    It means I can show someone I love them, this would be gifted to my Mom.
  19. I do this frequently with my boyfriend. I gift him things that may not be expensive or anything but are thoughtful and respond to what he wants or needs. Generally something that is a treat that he would not do/ make/ buy for himself.
  20. I would gift this to my college daughter :)
  21. Sherri Jackson says:
    This is a great way to share love with a friend, relative....a nutritious gift...what better way to say "I Love You". I would give to my mom.
  22. Sylvia Zajis says:
    Nuturing the relationship is just reminding the other person that you care through a few goodies that you know they will love or will remind them of something special.
  23. Pamela Arbour says:
    this could be very interesting! bringing back romance through good food!
  24. They say with gifts that it's the thought that counts. People use this a an excuse to get any old thing, and say, at least I thought of you. But youcan often tell just how much (or little) thought has gone into it. Gifts show how much you value a relationship. They don't have to be expensive, but they have to be right for that person, not just some random gift you picked up! I'd give this to my husband, because he love yummy stuff to nibble on.
  25. Nurturing a relationship through a gift demonstrates that you care and are thinking of somebody and what they like. I would send this to my sister because I know she would appreciate it!
  26. The gift is for my wife or child...a gift matters when you put in extra thought - not simple because you remembered to buy it.
  27. I'd send it to my mother; it shows someone they're special to you.
  28. Heather Stanley says:
    For me it's sending a bit of myself to my love one :)
  29. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:
    I think it means to just let someone know you care with something thoughtful. I would send one to my sister!
  30. Ann Fantom says:
    I would give this to my Mom if I won. This would help show how much she means to me
  31. PAIGE CHANDLER says:
    I'd send this to my Italian aunt. It feels good to send a gift that is personal to the recipient.
  32. To me it means that you are sending your heart to someone. I would send to my mother
  33. Christine Sutor says:
    Nurturing your relationship through a gift can mean letting someone very special to you know just how special they are, letting them know something specific and meaningful they have done for you or a very positive effect they have had on your life. Gifts allow you to share this with someone!i would give this to my best friend who has been through everything through childhood with me!
  34. Melissa Hartley says:
    This basket would go to my friend who never treats herself to anything .. thank you.
  35. Claire McKeon says:
    To give something meaningful to someone, no matter how big or how small means you care about the person, listen to them and know what is important to them.
  36. Maryann Drapkin says:
    I would send it to my husband because I care about him and want to make him happy and it would make me happy.
  37. I would share this with my husband, because it is about moments together and sharing experiences.
  38. I would send it to my mom to show that I appreciate her.
  39. that you care and it comes from the heart
  40. Ttrockwood says:
    For me it means thought and something personal given to someone you care about- i would give this to my close friend who is a total foodie!
    I'm always looking for any chance to do extra little things to make my loved ones know they are frequently thought of and how special and important they are. I like to make otherwise ordinary days into priceless memories with little suprirses or such. That is why I would have these gourmet treats delivered to my house so I could evenly divide them up btw me, my husband and our young adult kids and share the lovies.
  42. I think gifts can show that your thinking of them and care. I'd give it to my parents for all that they given me!
  43. Erica Barnes says:
    I'd send it to my mom.
  44. kelly nicholson says:
    What does it mean to nurture your relationship through a gift?debt..seriously!
  45. it means kindness and appreciation. i appreciate i'm keeping these goodies.
  46. I want to try it!! I think it would be a wonderful gift for my family to enjoy!
  47. To show them their in your thoughts and you're sending them your love in way of a gift. I'd send it to my daughter because she's had a hard time lately and deserves a surprise. :) Especially one she can taste. Carol L.
  48. EIZABETH C. says:
    It shows them how much I care & love them. I will definately be giving this gift to my mom !!
  49. I think that it means caring about someone and maybe sometimes show them with a gift!I would give this to my daughter!
  50. Tracy L Davis says:
    I would give this to my husband
  51. It means you really care about them and want the relationship to go on.
  52. I would love to win this and share it with the man in my life.
  53. Kyl Neusch says:
    something that will be appreciated, to my friend
  54. I think my sister would enjoy this.
  55. To give something that is thoughtful and meaningful--rather than simply something that really isn't personal.
  56. to show someone you care enough to take the time to buy or send them something that they will enjoy... and hubby loves food, so this would be a great way for him to try new things out!
  57. Lisa Ehrman says:
    Showing that you want to take care of someone, give them your best. My husband would love this.
  58. Jasanna Czellar says:
    To bless someone else with knowing you are thinking of them. I'd send it to me!
  59. Stephanie Larison says:
    It's important to remember to show those you care that they're still special to you. I'd give this to hubby!
  60. Debby Chandler says:
    gifts don't have to be expensive or lavish. Just letting them know as often as you can how much they are loved and how important they are to you keeps them close to your heart.
  61. Erin Collins says:
    I love buying gifts to show my loved ones that I care. I would give this to my mom or grandma.
  62. I love and care about myself, and I would keep this for me.
  63. I'd give it to my teen daughter who is going through a tough time to cheer her and let her know I care.
  64. really listen to what they are trying to say....i would probably give it to my sister
  65. It means you took the time to pick something thoughtful for a person, I would give this to a good friend!
  66. Debby Chandler says:
    I would give this to myself because I could use a little pampering right now.
  67. Dianna Thomas says:
    It would be for my son-- he's trying so hard with his grades and wants so badly to do well in school he needs a boost just to let him know we are proud of him
  68. Stephanie Phelps says:
    I would send to my son he just moved out and I want to stay connected
  69. terri tillman says:
    i think a gift can let a friend know that you were thinking of them. i would send it to my mom. i have not seen her in almost 2 yrs and i miss her.
  70. Blessed Assurance says:
    A gift is something you freely give so When you freely give your attention to your loved one you are nurturing that relationship.
  71. My mom. It makes you both happy.tdlsfm(at)yahoo(dot)com
  72. Cody Anderson says:
    It means that you are expressing your feelings without being there in person. I would send this to my husband.
  73. Lorena Keech says:
    To me, it means sharing something of yourself. I'd send this to my husband.
  74. Kellie Rose Wilson says:
    You are sharing the love of food for someone you truly care for. I would share with my boyfriend!
  75. A gift of love, I would give to my daughter and her new family.
  76. I would give it to my sister-in-law who has always been there for me no matter what,even when my sisters wasn't.
  77. Christina Ventura-DiPersia says:
    It's an extra special touch to show how much you care about someone. I would send this to my sister who lives 2 hours away
  78. I feel it means to bring some new life into it
  79. It means reminding someone that you care and are thinking of them. I'd send it to my kids. Thanks for the chance.
  80. Chris Martinez says:
    Giving a meaningful gift would help nurture a relationship by reminding someone that you care. I would give this to my wife.
  81. It means that you put thought and care into the relationship and I would send this to my parents
  82. sheila ressel says:
    I would give it to my hubby who works so hard to make sure we are provided for.
  83. To me it means love and friendship!
  84. It means giving because you care about the person, not because you want something in return. It's not about keeping score. I would give it to my sister.
  85. stephanie campbell says:
    It means to give a thoughtful gift to someone to show how much you care i would send this to my mom
  86. Linda Dickson says:
    I think it is important to let people know that they are special. I would send this to one of my coworkers.
  87. Ashley Morrissey says:
    It means showing you significant other they're special. I'd send it to my fiance
  88. To me it means giving a gift that shows you care about the other persons needs and wants and that shows you've been paying attention to his likes/ dislikes. I'd send it to my husband.
  89. Gifts show you are thinking of the person. I would give this to my daughter.
  90. Rebecca Peters says:
    I would give it to my boyfriends parents
  91. it means making people happy through thoughtful gestures id give it to mysister
  92. DAN VERMEULEN says:
  93. It shows them you care and have appreciation for them in your life. I would give this to my husband.
  94. It means spending your time, money and effort to delight a friend with a special surprise. I'd give it to my mom (and hopefully she'd share with me!) :)
  95. To me it means giving someone a gift because you know that they would love it. Not because the occasion calls for it. I would gift this to my husband.jweezie43[at]gmail[dot]com
  96. Amanda Kinder says:
    I'd send this to my mom.
  97. sara mcconville says:
    A gift can just make a person smile and thats why I like to give gifts. I would give this to my husband.
  98. It means to show someone how much you care by giving them something special - I'd give this to my mom!
  99. There's nothing nicer than sharing food with someone you love. To me the best part of the day is when we all get together over a meal and chat. I would give this "a pour toi" to my husband.
  100. I have a dear friend who consistently nurtures relationships through gifts because she cares about her friends and recognizes "just the right thing" for them when she sees it. I'd love to give this box to her.
  101. richelle bowers says:
    i would gift this to my hubby
  102. Paula Tavernie says:
    It means sending and sharing your love! Id give to my husband! ptavernie at yahoo dot com
  103. I'd send this gift to my husband. It is something we could enjoy together. Thanks for the giveaway.
  104. Amity Johnson says:
    Just little things that let someone know you are thinking of them..I would send these to my mom...
  105. Melanie Montgomery says:
    To my sister, to let her know I miss her
  106. it means on that particular day and time you were thinking of that person and when said person got that gift, they would know that...and i'd give this to my fiance and him mom
  107. I would like to give this to my daughter. She works so hard and could use a little pampering! Thank You
  108. kathy pease says:
    to me it would mean sharing something special with someone to show them how much you care and id give this to my hubby
  109. jules mcnubbin says:
    sending gifts to the one you love shows you are thinking of them and that you care :-)
  110. tam childers says:
    it lets people you know you're thinking of them, is send it to my sister
  111. just letting someone know you care. Would share with a friend
  112. A great, thoughful gift definitely can nurture a relationship. My hubs can spend $1000 or $10 on a gift, and it doesn't matter. If he puts thought and insight into it, then he gets full credit! I'd send it to him since he's working out of state!coriwestphal at msn dot com
  113. Gifts show loved ones that you are thinking of them. I would give to my Mom.
  114. karen mayernick says:
    I would send this to my husband, just another way to show that I am always thinking about him.
  115. Charlene Shaver says:
    To give someone something they will love. I'd give this to y son :)
  116. giving a gift to someone means that you a thought of matter to someone...i would give this to my sister who is my best friend
  117. Brittney House says:
    Giving gifts to someone you love to show them that they are special. I would give it to my husband
  118. It means you really care about them, I would give this to my husband,
  119. Laurie Emerson says:
    To me, nurturing a relationship through a gift is when I give someone something which I put a lot of thought into and it is something I know they will love and cherish as much as I do the person I am giving it to.
  120. A gift is important to show someone you were thinking of them. I would give this to my mother in law.
  121. Lucy Schwartz says:
    I have a dear cousin who always sends notes to wish me a Happy day. this gift package would be perfect for her.
  122. remind them that material is better than love
  123. It's a cliche but it's really the thought that counts more than the gift. I would share this with my mom.
  124. A nurturing gift gives the recipient confidence in your love...I would gift this to my mother who was always a nurturing mother. :-) Thank you.
  125. pam saighman says:
    i would gift to my daughter
  126. Ann Council says:
    I live on the east coast and I have a good friend that lives on the west coast. She is a world traveler and I am always looking for a gift to send her. This would be perfect.
  127. I would send this to my wonderful husband to show him how much I love him!
  128. Margie Young says:
    I would gift this to my sweet hard working daughter who is the mother of three young boys.
  129. susan smoaks says:
    we nurture relationships with gifts by being there for each other and spoiling each other. i would gift this to our daughter.
  130. Heidi Harmon says:
    I'd send it to my mother who is a minister's wife. She has been going 90 mph the last few weeks.
  131. To give to someone simply because they would enjoy it!
  132. crystal allen says:
    i would send this to my aunt to let her know that i am thinking of her. she's special so i would send her something special. thanks
  133. In relationships your partner needs to feel special and this can often be partly accomplished through thoughtful gifts that let them know they are being thought about. I would send this to my step mom because she always calls and makes sure I am ok while her son, my husband is deployed.
  134. Gaines Simmons says:
    Hello beautiful, how are you today? Thank you for this opportunity. I would give the gift to my Mother.
  135. Rachel Ellis says:
    To me, it means showing someone your love for them through a gift. I would give this to my fiance'.
  136. mary renshaw says:
    Its being thoughtful! Whether making something he loves just because or packing his lunch or cooking a special dinner or treat.
  137. i would give it to my boyfriend
  138. I would send this to my father who just got out of the hospital.
  139. Having lived away from my family I have learned that sending little treats help to let them to know that I'm thinking of them.
  140. It is a kindness and a thoughtfulness; this would be for my Brother!
  141. julie murphy says:
    I give homemade gifts all the time because I feel that means more to other people
  143. Lilith Katz says:
    It shows that you are thinking about and care about someone. I would keep it and share it with my husband.
  144. Bddy Garrett says:
    It means you love to show your love for someone and that the person is valued as a friend. I would give it to my wife.
  145. It means showing someone that they're worth a little more. Even if it's just a simple gift. I would give it to my mom,who has been my rock.
  146. mary gardner says:
    To me it means you take time to find something meaningful for a someone you care about , I would give this to my daughter!jagar0047 at yahoo dot com
  147. lisagee1234 says:
    Friends like to be remembered otherwise you won't have any.
  148. I would sent it to my mother in law.
  149. I would send it to my niece, who recently moved across the country!
  150. Wendy McBride says:
    It means to show them how much you care about them and their specialness to you. I would send it to my friend that lives too far to visit.wendym at cableone dot net
  151. I think it means showing someone you care for no reason. I would give it to my husband or my son.
  152. It means to think of others and what they love to make them happy. To give them a selfless gift and not asking anything in return.
  153. Michelle Tucker says:
    It means giving a gift that will either help the recipient with their body or mind.
  154. Michelle Tucker says:
    I'd give it to my hubby.
  155. For my husband who works so hard.
  156. Lisa Garner says:
    To me nurturing a relationship through a gift is to help show the person how important or special they are to you by giving them and item or items that will make them feel that you care.
  157. rebecca day says:
    giving someone something for no reason to let them no you care
  158. To me it means giving someone something for know reason. Surprising someone with a gift for no reason. Trying to give someone some joy in there day for no reason. I would probably give it to my Mama.
  159. cassandra mccann says:
    my son
  160. It means knowing the person so well that you get them something they actually like and can use. I'd give this to my sister.
  161. To let them know you are thinking about them. My parents would love it.
    YAYYY Thank you sooooo much to both you and the sponsor for this delicious indulgent prize! I know I am going to enjoy it very much as well as enjoy sharing it with my dearest loved ones! : ) Thank you again!!!
  163. Thanks So much!! I can't believe I won!

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