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Tips for Green Living Bloggers as Earth Day Approaches

 These tips for green living bloggers are sponsored by ShiftCon.  All opinions are my own.Green living has been a passion of mine since I first found out I was pregnant 20 years ago.  It didn't happen all at once and I'm not living on a sustainable farm wearing hemp and using a composting toilet.  However, I have made small and realistic changes in my life that I HOPE reduce my carbon footprint.  With Earth Day coming up next month, I wanted to share some advice for my fellow bloggers. There are a few things to keep … [Read more...]

Earth Day Books for Children that Inspire a New Generation of Eco Warriors!

It is most likely no surprise to my readers that I am passionate about the environment. If you count yourself among the population of eco-warriors, you need to check out these Earth Day books for children. Even if you DON'T consider yourself a passionate environmentalist, you should still invest in a few of these books. Why? Because without the right education and support, children will grow up having absolutely zero interest in protecting the environment. And, to be blunt, that is how we end up with people like Donald Trump and his Republican … [Read more...]

How to Celebrate Earth Day? Shocking Facts and How YOU Can Help!

Today is Earth Day and everywhere I look I find tons of information about events, rallies, and celebrations to encourage people to live a greener life. What originally started back in the 1970's as an 'environmental teach-in' observed by universities across the U.S. is now celebrated by more than 500 million people in 175 countries. It has gone from a slightly radical grass roots effort to raise awareness of environmental issues to a major holiday in only 40 years. WHY? Because people know, deep down, that we are seriously messing up our planet … [Read more...]

Earth Day Craft Idea: Make a Tin Can Bird Feeder!

Earth Day is fast approaching and I am a huge fan of getting kids involved in our efforts to go green. If you think about it, children are the future of this planet and if we do not teach them how to be good stewards of the Earth, it will not survive for THEIR children to enjoy. This Earth Day craft idea is a great way to get kids involved in repurposing a tin can while also providing food for the birds in your yard. You can try hanging the bird feeder from a suction cup on the outside of the window so that you can get an up close and personal … [Read more...]

What are YOU doing for Earth Day? #kind2earth

Earth Day is fast approaching and I want to take a minute to encourage everyone to stop and think of a way that YOU can do your part this year to help protect our fragile planet!   B Kind 2 Earth Day wants you to promise to do one nice thing for the Earth on April 22nd. Make Earth Day count for you and your family this year!! In all fifty states on Earth Day, families will get outside, appreciate our planet and do good things for the Earth! There are so many ways that you can are just a few suggestions!Pick up trash in … [Read more...]

Children’s Earth Day Book: Be Cool, Follow Earth’s Rule

Looking for a children's Earth Day Book? Just in time for Earth Day, Be Cool, Follow Earth's Rule by Penelope Ann Kysiak is a wonderful book to teach young children the importance of caring for our planet. Check out this list of other Earth Day Books for Kids and teach your children how to be kind to the earth. Children's Earth Day Book Be Cool, Follow Earth's Rule by Penelope Ann KysiakBook Title: Be Cool, Follow Earth's Rule Author: Penelope Ann Kysiak Genre: Children's ISBN: 978-1-4349-0250-4 Publisher: Dorrance Publishing Co., … [Read more...]

Earth Hour Ideas: It’s in Your Power to Make a Difference

I have come across a lot of people in my day to day life who believe that living green is just too hard. They are intimidated by hard core eco conscious folks who wear hemp and only eat organic tofu. As a result, they don't bother trying to reduce their carbon footprint at all. They figure one or two small changes will never make a difference. It makes me sad. That is one of the main reasons I started this blog. I wanted people to realize that even making ONE small change in their daily life that benefits our planet is better than nothing at … [Read more...]

Frugal Spring Cleaning Tips That Benefit Your Wallet AND the Earth!

These frugal spring cleaning tips have been sponsored but all opinions expressed here are my own.Many years ago, when I became pregnant with my first child, I learned a very valuable lesson. I wanted to live green but I needed to figure out how to do it on a very tight budget. Organic milk might be better for my growing baby but it wasn't cheap! So, I needed to figure out how to reduce my carbon footprint without spending a fortune. It was at that point in my life that I realized how much going green and living frugally actually have in … [Read more...]

Green Holiday Tips for a Smaller Carbon Footprint

Looking to tread more lightly on the planet this holiday season? Start searching now for green holiday tips because you know what? There is less than one month until Thanksgiving! Before you know it, chaos will reign as I try to deal with shopping, baking, kids birthdays (both in November and December!) and entertaining friends and family. A green holiday season is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and simplify your life.  Simple Green Holiday Tips If you are considering an eco friendly Christmas, you need to plan ahead … [Read more...]

Save Our Planet Earth One Fork at a Time

As I go about my day, I often wonder whether there is any possible way for humans to save our planet earth from the downward spiral it's currently on. My neighbors spray chemicals on their lawns left and right. The traffic congestion and subsequent exhaust in Atlanta is out of control. Overseas companies are polluting our planet at an alarming rate. So, what's a green blogger to do? I can't control what everyone ELSE in the world is doing but I can control what *I* do to save our planet earth. Maybe it is just using cloth napkins instead of … [Read more...]

Vegetarian Burrito Bowl Recipe and Earth Fare Shopping Experience

This Vegetarian Burrito Bowl Recipe has been sponsored by Earth Fare but all opinions expressed here are my own.I have a tendency to spend way too much money when I go to the grocery store. I am feeding a house full of very active and very hungry individuals and it shows in my grocery budget. We enjoy good food...plenty of organic, local, and high quality foods make it into my cart every week. One way I cut back on the cost of our meals is to serve vegetarian options a few times a week. Meat can be incredibly expensive, especially when you … [Read more...]

Meatless Monday Recipe: Vegetarian Pad Thai

This meatless Monday recipe has been sponsored by SC Johnson but all opinions expressed here are my own.The standard American diet, when compared to other cultures, includes a lot of meat. That being said, expanding our taste palate to include recipes from other countries will help to not only reduce our meat consumption, but our carbon footprint as well. Leaving meat out of your diet helps reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are released into the earth. Next time you’re out shopping, visit the international aisle at your … [Read more...]

Today’s Garden Update and Gardening Tips

Every year I plant an amazing array of plants in my garden with high hopes of providing my family with a plethora of fresh produce. Then, come July, I have become stressed out and depressed over my LACK of garden produce and the incredible amount of work that is required to grow it! Mother Nature has not been kind to Georgia this year and we are now 14 inches over average rainfall for the year. And with the thunder rolling in right now, I am thinking that number will be going up another inch before morning. I decided to share a few gardening … [Read more...]

#Fitness Friday: Organic yoga clothing from Prancing Leopard and a discount code!

The last few weeks have been fairly hectic and the stress is starting to show in the muscle knots of my shoulders! According to WebMD, Yoga has been practiced for more than 5,000 years and right now close to 11 million people are enjoying this form of fitness. By stretching your muscles through various yoga poses, you release the lactic acid that builds up with muscle use and causes stiffness, tension, pain, and fatigue. The result is increase flexibility and range of motion in joints. It feels so wonderul after a stressful day to just lay on … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Traditions From Around the World

Well, Mother's day is here and gone and now we can start thinking about what to do for those dads in our lives! Are you wondering what do to for Father's Day? Want to send Father's Day wishes to awesome dads near and far but can't find the perfect quote about dads or the best color tie?  Well, maybe checking out these Father's Day traditions from around the world will help inspire you! Family traditions are important for many reasons.  Find a few to start this Father's Day!Dads Deserve an Awesome Father's Day! My husband is an … [Read more...]

Shop Green and Earn Money with Earthly Reward!

It is not always cheap to buy organic and natural products. Coupons, sales and discount codes help but did you know that at Earthly Rewards you can actually earn money directly deposited into your PayPal account for buying earth friendly products? Earthly Rewards is a wonderful new website that compensates you for every purchase you make through them for items that you use every day. If you are not familiar with this company, here is a little bit about them from their website:Earthly Reward believes that consumers should be rewarded for … [Read more...]

Throwing an Eco Friendly Party? Check Out These Ideas for Sustainable Celebrations!

Spring is in the air and the weather is finally starting to warm up a bit. With the chaos of the holidays far behind us, it is time to start thinking about entertaining again! Throwing an eco friendly party may take a bit of planning.  However, focusing on a few green party ideas is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.  From natural party decorations to reducing your garbage output, make sustainability a focus for your next get together!  Can we say Earth Day Party?  Woo-Hoo!Eco Friendly Party … [Read more...]

Eco Friendly School Ideas for Greener Classrooms and Smaller Footprints

Have you ever wished for more environmentally friendly schools in your area? Did you ever think that maybe YOU could help play a part in creating them? I am going to share a few eco friendly school ideas for you to research this summer and implement in the fall.Why do we need green schools? Most of the time, parents are expected to be the 'teachers' when it comes to their children. We teach them to walk, talk, use the potty, do their math homework (at least until 6th grade!) and drive a car. We hope (or pray!) that our lessons are well … [Read more...]

Environmental Projects for Kids that They Will Actually Enjoy Doing!

When my children were young, summer vacations were filled with educational opportunities. We took field trips to the zoo, got educational books out of the library, and found other ways to prevent summer brain drain. I researched environmental projects for kids that would get them excited about learning. Quite a bit of time was spent supplementing my children's education. I chose lessons that focused on topics that I felt were important. Art, music, the environment, and science are losing focus in our elementary schools and those are all … [Read more...]