Earth Day Books for Children that Inspire a New Generation of Eco Warriors!

child reading book to stuffed animal in nature

It is most likely no surprise to my readers that I am passionate about the environment. If you count yourself among the population of eco-warriors, you need to check out these Earth Day books for children. Even if you DON’T consider yourself a passionate environmentalist, you should still invest in a few of these books. … Read more

How to Celebrate Earth Day? Shocking Facts and How YOU Can Help!

Why Celebrate Earth Day Shocking Facts and Easy Solutions

Today is Earth Day and everywhere I look I find tons of information about events, rallies, and celebrations to encourage people to live a greener life. What originally started back in the 1970’s as an ‘environmental teach-in’ observed by universities across the U.S. is now celebrated by more than 500 million people in 175 countries. … Read more

Earth Hour Ideas: It’s in Your Power to Make a Difference

Woman sitting in front of candle in the dark for Earth Hour 2021

Looking for  ways to celebrate Earth Hour with your family? Here are a few zero electricity activities for families to tackle in celebration of Planet Earth.  Keep reading to learn why Earth Hour is important and for inspiration for this climate awareness activity! Why is Earth Hour important? I have come across a lot of … Read more

How to Start Saving Money on Organic Food

pile of organic produce and text overlay 'How to Start Saving Money on Organic Food'

Buying organic food doesn’t always have to be expensive. Adopt basic concepts like buying seasonal produce, cooking from scratch and buying in bulk will all help you start saving money on organic food. If you are looking for cheap organic food, here are a few money saving tips and resources to get you started. Is … Read more

Eco Friendly School Ideas for Greener Classrooms and Smaller Footprints

eco friendly school ideas

Have you ever wished for more environmentally friendly schools in your area? Did you ever think that maybe YOU could help play a part in implementing green schools initiatives in your town? I am going to share a few eco friendly school ideas for you to research and implement in the fall.  There are many, … Read more

Environmental Projects for Kids Who Believe in Better

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Green kids aren’t born, they are made.  They are taught environmentally friendly habits by their parents and peers.  Sustainability lessons for kids come by the way of science teachers and scouting troop projects.  Eco friendly kids are molded by those around them and should be encouraged and rewarded for their hard work.   And Barbara’s (those … Read more