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Cold Chicken Pasta Salad Recipe with a Rainbow of Veggies

This cold chicken pasta salad recipe includes a wide variety of fresh vegetables for added flavor and crunch.  A seriously healthy homemade pasta salad that goes great in lunch boxes or for picnics.  Pasta Salads for lunch or dinner! This week marks the second week back to school for my teenagers. They are less than thrilled (of course) and when asked what their favorite part of the school day is, the answer is usually lunch. This cold chicken pasta salad recipe was tucked into their lunch boxes this week in an effort to send … [Read more...]

Creamy Asparagus Pasta Salad Recipe with Bacon and Bleu Cheese

This creamy asparagus pasta salad recipe has been sponsored by Naturally Fresh® Brand Dressings and The Motherhood but all opinions are my own. When I was a kid, pasta salad was not my favorite thing to eat. In fact, it was on my list of 'things to avoid at all cost' when we went to a picnic or to Grandma's house. I wasn't the most adventurous eater as a child and it usually had weird things in it like tiny baby shrimp or miniature ears of corn. No thanks, I told mom. I'll have a hot dog. Well, as an adult, I have much more refined tastes … [Read more...]

Chicken Taco Ranch Pasta Salad Recipe

This chicken taco ranch pasta salad recipe uses shredded chicken and ranch dressing.  Mix in your favorite taco seasoning and this easy pasta salad will be a big hit with friends and family! Summer needs pasta salads! Summer is just about here!  Like most moms, I am both excited about it and dreading it at the same time. Schedules that are filled with pool parties and family vacations are much more enjoyable than the chaos of school projects and lost permission slips. However, summer vacation also means bickering kids and a … [Read more...]

Healthy Quinoa Salad Recipe with Spinach and Apricots

This healthy quinoa salad recipe was a delicious last minute creation that I threw together after a haphazard inventory of my pantry. I had fresh spinach and wanted to use it for something other than green smoothies. I had a container of quinoa so I headed to Pinterest to find some quinoa salad recipes.  Since I didn't have any of the other ingredients of the quinoa recipes asked for,  I decided a little improvisation was needed. Toss in some fresh spinach, dried apricots and pecans and lo and behold!  A new … [Read more...]

White Bean Cherry Tomato Salad

For the last few weeks, I have been traveling up the East coast to visit family. I returned to a garden OVERFLOWING with cherry tomatoes! I have been searching high and low for cherry tomato recipes so they don't go bad before I eat them. This white bean cherry tomato salad recipe was simple to make and a delicious vegetarian dinner. White Beans:  Canned vs Dried This tomato salad recipe calls for about 3 cups of cooked white beans. If you are in a hurry, you can use canned white beans that you drain and rinse. If you have a bit of time, … [Read more...]

Creamy Broccoli Apple Salad Recipe with Walnuts

Yesterday I whipped up a huge batch of this creamy broccoli apple salad recipe and I plan on eating it for lunch every day this week. The last few weeks have been rather chaotic and I need a serious break for a while. We had a series of unplanned home repairs that created a huge mess as well as a giant expense. Sometimes, when the stress level is high, you need a healthy salad recipe to keep you balanced. Even better if it is an easy make ahead recipe that can be stored for a while in the fridge. Thankfully, this broccoli apple salad … [Read more...]

Creamy Pasta Recipe with Chicken and Roasted Red Peppers

When I hit the grocery store, I have a few key ideas in mind for feeding my family. I look for whole, fresh, and natural ingredients whenever I can but I also have to feed several hungry people on a limited budget. My solution to healthy eating on a dime is the addition of pasta, rice, or potatoes to just about every dinner I serve. When you are trying to feed hungry, athletic teenagers with an insanely high metabolism, you need plenty of carbs! This pasta recipe will go a long way towards feeding a hungry family but won't cost you a fortune to … [Read more...]

Pasta with Parsley Pesto Recipe

I am compensated for the articles I write for SC Johnson but all opinions expressed are my own. From attending my children’s band concerts to carpooling to various sporting events we have a very hectic schedule in my home. Rather than going through the drive-thru on a busy night, I try to plan my meals ahead of time by looking for dinner options that can be created in less than 20 minutes. Since I like to cook from scratch, pasta is usually the go-to meal when I find myself crunched on time. To keep the dish flavorful and stray away from the … [Read more...]

Pasta with Goat Cheese and Asparagus Recipe

Looking for easy pasta recipes?  Combine angel hair pasta with fresh asparagus and toss it in a creamy goat cheese and Parmesan sauce.  Filling, easy and delicious!  This is one asparagus recipe you will be adding to your weekly menu plan! Pasta is What's For Dinner! Back when I was a kid, Sundays were a time of rest. Other than church, there really wasn't much going on during a Sunday afternoon. As a result, mom had all day to hang around the house while a roast cooked in the oven. We frequently had a fancy Sunday … [Read more...]

Easy Sesame Ginger Salad Dressing Recipe

I was provided a review copy of the cookbook used for this recipe to use for this post. All opinions expressed are my own. I recently decided, as part of my New Year's Resolution, to try to go gluten free to help with some assorted health problems I've been having. It's only been about a week and already I am pretty sure I am going to starve to death! I have a strong love of bread, pasta, and carbs in general. Sure, it is usually whole wheat bread and organic pasta but still....very heavy on the carbohydrates. My new diet plan includes lots … [Read more...]

Easy Pasta Recipe: Fettuccine with Grilled Chicken in a Tomato Cream Sauce

This easy pasta recipe has been sponsored by Contadina and Glam Media but all opinions expressed here are my own.   The holidays are a chaotic time of year and after 2 weeks of company I have learned a new appreciation for people who have to cook for a large family on a regular basis. I never realized how hard it was to feed a crowd but this easy pasta recipe was a big hit and can be scaled up or down, depending on how many people you are feeding. Pasta is filling and much of this meal can be made up ahead of time so that dinner can … [Read more...]

Meatless Monday Recipe: Caprese Salad with Orzo #sponsored

This Meatless Monday post is sponsored by SC Johnson but all opinions expressed here are my own. With kids heading back to school this month, our schedule is a bit more hectic during the week, leaving us with less time to prepare dinner. This recipe for Caprese Salad with Orzo contains fresh tomatoes and basil, which are both plentiful in gardens throughout August. The inclusion of pine nuts and mozzarella cheese makes this a filling and well-balanced meatless dish. The orzo used in this recipe is a small, rice shaped pasta available in most … [Read more...]

Garden Fresh Tuna Salad with Feta (#recipe)

Some days I browse through cookbooks or recipe sites and decide what is for dinner based on what looks tasty at the moment. Other times, I look at what I have in my kitchen and ask myself "What can I make with that?" Tonight's dinner was an effort to use a combination of things from the garden, the fridge, and the pantry. My garden has been hit or miss this summer...between the drought, the extreme heat, and an assortment of bugs and diseases, I am not bringing in too much but I had an okay harvest last weekend and had a few fresh ingredients I … [Read more...]

How to Keep the Kitchen Cool This Summer

Is your kitchen hot in the summer? From proper ceiling fan usage to simple cooking tips, keep your kitchen cool without going broke paying for the air conditioner to run constantly. Keep reading for a few ways to keep the kitchen cool this summer! My sanity needs the kitchen cooler! Summertime in Georgia is HOT and most days I have no desire to sweat over the stove to cook dinner for my family. Since feeding them cereal every night of the week leaves me slightly guilt-ridden, I have had to learn how to keep the kitchen cool while still … [Read more...]

Healthy Labor Day Party Tips

Summer is drawing to a close and September is almost here. Are you looking for Labor Day party ideas that won't completely ruin your diet? Healthy Labor Day party menus should include fresh summer produce, plenty of grilled dishes and even refreshing cocktails. Soak up the sun and, enjoy some relaxation and fun with your family and friends with these healthy Labor Day party tips. Healthy Labor Day Party Tips As a last hoorah to end the summer, our neighborhood always throws a huge Labor Day pool party complete with BBQ and an assortment … [Read more...]

Sustainable Summer Tips For Green Family Fun

Whether you live in the sometimes cool north or the hot and steamy south, consider your carbon footprint as you work, play and travel this summer.  Here are a few sustainable summer tips for green family fun! Sustainable Summer Tips for Family Fun The kids are home and the temps are hot.  You spend half your day running them from place to place and the other cranking the air conditioner up so you don't sweat to death.  Sound familiar?  Think you can't blend 'family fun' with a green summer and small carbon … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Making Your Meatless Monday Campaign a Success!

Will you be joining the Meatless Monday Campaign this year? While we are by no means vegetarian, we do many meatless meals during the week. Reducing your consumption of meat can be healthy for both you and the environment. However, it can take a bit of getting used to at first.   What is the Meatless Monday Campaign Going meatless, even for one day, may challenge what you have learned about assembling a meal. I grew up with the idea that dinner included a meat and two sides. What happens when you take away the meat? Without … [Read more...]

Green and Healthy Picnic Ideas for Summer

Summer is here and if you are looking for some healthy picnic ideas, you have come to the right place! My teens have two more weeks of school and I am torn between excitement and dread for the coming months. I love those kids like you would not believe but two teenagers at home all day every day is enough to stress out any mom! I find that the key to maintaining my sanity over the summer is two-fold. Keep them well fed and get out of the house occasionally. Both of those things can be accomplished by taking a picnic basket to the park. You … [Read more...]

Chicken and Potato Skillet Dinner Recipe

This Chicken and Potato Skillet Dinner Recipe has been sponsored, but all opinions expressed here are my own. If you are pressed for time and hate cleaning up a giant mess, a skillet dinner recipe is the perfect solution. Of course, I firmly believe that skillet should be a nice, solid cast iron but you can use any large skillet that holds heat well and can go in the oven. In order to make this chicken skillet dinner you need to have some root vegetables cut up into large chunks. Potatoes cut into large pieces will provide your 'starch' … [Read more...]