How to be an Eco Friendly Home Owner This Spring

With the onset of spring, there will be flowers to plant, lawns to mow and home repairs that need to be tackled. There are a number of changes we can make to our homes and yards to help reduce our impact on the world around us. Want to be an eco friendly home owner this spring? I thought I would share a few green ideas for home owners to tackle in the coming months. 

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 How to be an Eco Friendly Home Owner This Spring

How to be an Eco Friendly Home Owner This Spring

When you sit down and plan your budget and list of “to-do’s” for the coming months, consider adding the below options to your agenda for an eco friendlier season.

De-clutter your home:

Most of us welcome the spring season by cleaning our homes and ridding ourselves of the clutter that’s built up over the past few months. Refreshing your home for the spring is a great way to energize your home. As you go through your belongings, try to find ways to recycle, reuse or repurpose the things you are getting rid of to help keep them out of landfills.

Easy Ways to Repurpose for a Green Home 

bedroom with window curtains for an Eco friendly home owner

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Install window coverings:

The sun will soon be shining through your windows heating up your home, and although that may sound pretty good to most of us right now, during the middle of summer it will be an unwanted source of heat. To help keep electric bills down and reduce your energy use, install blinds, shades or sheer curtains to keep the sunlight to a minimum during the day. This will help minimize your need to crank up that AC!  In order to be an eco friendly home owner, cutting utility usage is key!

compost bin

Start a compost bin:

This spring, consider building your own compost bin or purchasing a pre-fabricated one from your local hardware store. Reduce your family’s waste by composting your kitchen scraps instead of throwing them away!  Live in an urban area?  Check out my urban composting tips to compost in small places!

Start gardening:

Whether you have pots on your patio or a huge garden bed in your yard, every bit of homegrown food reduces your carbon footprint. To help get your spring garden started, check out my gardening tips.   

Ditch your car:

With nice weather comes the perfect opportunity to strap on your sneakers and take a walk, or get on your bike and go for a ride. Skip the car whenever you can and both you, and the planet, will be a little healthier.

Buy a reel mower: 

Instead of using a gas guzzling lawn mower all summer, invest in a human powered reel mower. It is great exercise and will help cut down on air pollution.

More Green Lawn Care Tips for Eco Friendly Home Owners

  • Leave grass cuttings. Buy a mulching lawn mower and stop bagging all those grass clippings.  Check out these grass cutting tips for more helpful ideas. 
  • Avoid gas-powered lawn and garden equipment. A reel mower and a pair of hand held clippers will give you a better workout while reducing emissions. 
  • Grow grass suitable for your climate. Don’t plant a grass that needs loads of water if you live in a drought prone area  
  • Fertilize your garden with yard waste and kitchen compost. Skip the chemical fertilizers for a healthier yard. 
  •  Make friends with insects and worms.  Beneficial insects will keep your lawn healthy, however, they will only call your yard home if you skip the pesticides. 

garden art

Xeriscaping for Eco Friendly Homes:

To help save you money on your water bill (which for those of us that maintain gardens is a must!) this summer, consider xeriscaping a portion of your backyard. Replacing grass with native plants, stones, or other less demanding yard décor, will help to save you water, money and reduce the time you spend on upkeep!  

Being an eco friendly home owner is a good way to save money and go green.  Small changes that you make every year will eventually make you a green living expert!  Take baby steps this spring for a green home all year round!

What eco-friendly home owner tips do YOU recommend?



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