Ginger Detox Bath Recipe to Help You Sweat Those Toxins Out!

If you are looking for a ginger bath recipe, the one I use is incredibly easy to make at home. Over the last few years I have had to deal with chronic pain that is incredibly frustrating. According to the dozens of doctors I have seen there is nothing ‘technically’ wrong with me. Except that I hurt. All. The. Time. My neck hurts, I get random muscle spasms, my feet ache…it is incredibly frustrating. They just tell me to take Advil and a muscle relaxer and get used to it. While I do have to use traditional medicine for my pain occasionally, I prefer alternative pain relief like turmeric, massage therapy and a ginger detox bath occasionally. My turmeric smoothie recipe with ginger is a delicious way to enjoy your natural pain relief if you want more than just a ginger bath.

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Ginger Detox Bath Recipe to Help You Sweat Those Toxins Out!

Valerian root, turmeric, plenty of exercise and a ton of ginger are my current therapies for natural pain relief. They keep me moving even if it doesn’t get rid of the pain completely. Ginger has been shown to have incredible anti inflammatory properties so I take it as a capsule, eat crystallized ginger, make ginger syrup, drink ginger tea, and take a ginger detox bath occasionally.

Ginger Bath for Detox and Pain Relief

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Ginger Bath for Pain Relief and Detoxification

A detox bath  induces sweating…LOTS of sweating! Our skin acts as a portal so that toxins can LEAVE and other nutrients and molecules can enter. A ginger detox bath helps the body rid itself of any toxins in the body. It also allows pores to open up and actually absorb some of the ginger and it’s anti inflammatory characteristics.

Ginger Detox Bath: Sweat those toxins out!

Ginger Health Benefits

Ginger is an incredibly beneficial ingredient that has been used for centuries to treat an assortment of ailments. Here are just a few ginger health benefits. You can check out for even more health benefits of ginger.

  • Soothes upset stomachs: Calms nausea, relieves gas and bloating, helps stop diarrhea
  • Improves digestion
  • Anti-inflamatory
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Soothes cold and flu symptoms, as well as respiratory infections
  • Has possible anti-cancer properties
  • Freshens the breath naturally
  • Improves circulation

Ginger Detox Bath: Sweat those toxins out!

Tips and Procedures for your Ginger Detox Bath:

  • Scrub your body lightly with a loofah before you take this bath. It will get your circulation going and stimulate your lymphatic system so your bath is more effective.
  • Use comfortably hot water. You don’t want to scald yourself but the purpose of this bath is to SWEAT so you don’t want it too cool.
  • Stay in the bath for 40 minutes. The first 20 minutes is the ‘sweating’ portion of the bath that is clearing out the toxins. The next 20 is the ‘absorption’ portion of the bath that will allow the minerals and nutrients to be absorbed into the skin.
  • Do not eat a full meal right before or after this detox bath. You will most likely end up nauseous!
  • Use your favorite essential oils. I am going with eucalyptus for it’s energizing and stimulating properties. Make sure whatever you choose is something you know you are not allergic to. You can use lavender oil if you are looking for natural sleep remedies.
  • Drink lots of water during and immediately after your detox bath. It will help flush toxins out of the body and rehydrate your system.
  • Use this time to calm your mind while you purify your body. Turn down the lights, light a candle, play some music and empty your mind.
  • After this ginger detox bath, you will continue to sweat for an hour or two. Wrap yourself up with a warm blanket and let yourself sweat out a few more toxins while you rest and rehydrate. Don’t plan on jumping out of your detox bath and running your errands! Best to do this in the early evening and take a cool shower after a few hours of sweating and head to bed.
  • Be careful getting out of the tub after your detox bath. The salt will make the tub slippery.
  • Feeling lightheaded after this ginger bath is normal. Use caution getting out and then rest and rehydrate afterwards.

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Precautions about taking a ginger bath

IF YOU HAVE HEALTH ISSUES OR CONCERNS talk to your doctor! I am NOT a doctor and am merely telling you what I am doing to treat my own health problems! Check out WebMD for medicinal properties of ginger and precautions you should know about.


How to Make a Ginger Bath

Ginger Detox Bath: Sweat those toxins out!

Ginger Bath Ingredients (for one very full bath):

  • Epsom Salt (2 Cups)
  • Baking Soda (1 Cup)
  • Ginger Powder (About 3 tablespoons) (the link is to a one pound bag on Amazon so you can buy in bulk and save money!)
  • 1 TBSP freshly ground ginger tucked into a muslin tea bag
  • Essential Oils (About 15 drops) I am using eucalyptus

Fresh Ginger

What Did I Think of My Detox Bath with Ginger?

Let me just say that 40 minutes in a really hot bath is a LONG time! I am used to hot baths….when your muscles hurt, warm water is very soothing so I take a lot of baths and include Epsom salts regularly. I don’t know if the ginger makes it feel even hotter but WOW, was I seriously hot and sweaty! Usually I can read in the bathtub but I just couldn’t do that in this detox bath!

I managed to stay in about 35 minutes…by that time I was beet red and my skin was definitely tingly. I had brought a glass of ice water with me to drink during my detox bath but should have made it tap water…the iced cold didn’t really set well while I simmered in my tub.

My skin felt very smooth afterwards and I wrapped myself right up in a long, fleece bathrobe. I was amazed that I was still sweating 30 minutes later! That bathrobe went right in the washing machine today.

I definitely felt a little light headed after this ginger bath so be careful getting out of the tub and make sure you lie down and rehydrate for a while afterwards.

I slept like a baby but did have a mild headache. Still have it this morning but it isn’t too bad. Hopefully hydrating and some caffeine will help!


Overall, I think this detox bath with ginger is a good idea if you think your body could use a good sweat. It is supposed to be very good for keeping colds and flu away. Pain wise, it wasn’t a miracle cure for my pain I definitely felt more flexible after I got out of my hot tub.

Now that you know how to make a ginger bath, will you try it?


18 thoughts on “Ginger Detox Bath Recipe to Help You Sweat Those Toxins Out!”

  1. Sounds awesome other than the length of time – what do you do in the tub for 40 minutes? How does the water stay hot that long?

    I love ginger, though, and love a good detox, so I may have to try it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. How interesting! I haven’t done a lot of bath stuff other than epsom salts but I have bad migraines and cannot take most medicines for them. I wonder if this might help – if I could last 40 or even 35 minutes!!

  3. I love that you wrote about this! I have been taking ginger baths for years when I feel like I’m getting sick. It’s a great way to sweat it out. I haven’t combined epsom salts, baking soda and ginger however. Sometimes I’ll put shaved ginger in a cheese cloth and place it in the tub with me.

    I’ll have to try this out. Thanks!

  4. I am sitting in my tub now. Wow! The sweat is crazy! I have lasted 30 minutes and I think I’m getting out. Thanks for the recipe!! I will be doing this again in my head future.

  5. I am a hydrotherapist, and know that to do a hot bath for that length of time will be more easily tolerated if a cold cloth is kept on the forehead. It helps you to tolerate the heat longer and better, and can also help to ease or eliminate getting a headache afterwards. Might want to give it a try. 😉 Thanks for the good info!


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