Healthy Summer Tips and a Goddess Garden Safe Sunscreen Review #SunSafeGoddess

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This safe sunscreen post is sponsored by Green Sisterhood and Goddess Garden however all opinions are my own. #SunSafeGoddess

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Goddess Garden Safe Sunscreen  #SunSafeGoddess

Summer is almost here and my kids have exactly one week left until summer vacation. Not that I’m counting, of course! Summer vacation brings a relaxed atmosphere to the house that I love but having two teens lounging about all day is enough to drive me batty! I have already started planning ways to create a happy and healthy summer for the whole family. There are books to request from the library, new bathing suits to buy, and safe sunscreen to purchase for time spent outside. I thought I would share a few of my tips for creating a healthy summer for my family. If you are looking for a safe sunscreen for your own summer skin care, keep reading for my review of a few of the Goddess Garden products I received recently!

Healthy Summer Tips and Goddess Garden Review #SunSafeGoddess

Healthy Summer Tips for the Whole Family

  1. Stay hydrated:  During hot summer months, we need to drink significantly more water than any other time of the year. Keep a pitcher of water in the refrigerator with a few slices of fruit in it for added flavor.
  2. Grill more than meat!  Summer grilling can be fun but try to think outside the box. Grill mushrooms and vegetables, throw on some fruit kabobs, and  make a homemade veggie pizza instead of meat!
  3. Keep exercising:  Don’t let the heat keep you from exercising, just do it before the sun comes up or at dusk to avoid the worst of the summer sun.
  4. Keep your mind sharp:  Don’t let boredom and laziness take over this summer. Keep you (or your kids!) busy by reading, playing an instrument, learning a language, or taking an online class.
  5. Be cautious of sun exposure and choose a safe sunscreen: The sun can burn your skin in an incredibly short amount of time. And once burned, the damage is done! Try to cover up when you go out in the sun with a pool shirt or wide brimmed hat. Avoid outdoor activities during the heat of the day. When you must spend time outside, choose a safe sunscreen like Goddess Garden organics.

Goddess Garden Safe Sunscreen #SunSafeGoddess

 What is a Safe Sunscreen?

The rays of the summer sun can really damage the skin. We wear sunscreen to protect ourselves from the damaging effects of those rays of sun. However, what if the products you are putting on your skin for protection have their own health concerns? In recent years, there has been a lot of discussion about the effects of some questionable sunscreen ingredients. I have become quite a label reader when it comes to looking for a safe sunscreen. Check out the info-graphic below from Goddess Garden about the concerns regarding most traditional chemical based sunscreens.

Goddess Garden Safe Sunscreen and Healthy Summer Tips #SunSafeGoddess and #ad

For my review, I received several of the Goddess Garden Organics sunscreen products. The items I received (shown above) were the Everyday Natural Sunscreen with Continuous spray, the Everyday Natural Sunscreen with Trigger Spray, and the Sport Natural Sunscreen. Below are a few key facts about these sunscreens that you should know.

Goddess Garden Safe Sunscreen Review #SunSafeGoddess

  • Natural, broad-spectrum protection from natural minerals zinc and titanium. No harmful chemicals are ever used!
  • Certified organic to NSF/ANSI 305 standards with pure, plant-based ingredients including aloe vera, sunflower oil, and shea butter.
  • Recyclable containers
  • Non-Nano, Reef Safe, Non-GMO, Biodegradable, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Alcohol Free, Paraben and Phthalate Free, and Free from Gluten Ingredients
  • Offers UVA/UVB broad spectrum sun protection

Goddess Garden Safe Sunscreen  #SunSafeGoddess

My Review of the Goddess Garden Organics Safe Sunscreen

Gardening is hot and sweaty work and sometimes I am out there for a couple of hours tackling the never ending weeds. I have gotten burnt numerous times because I just get lost in time and don’t realize I have been in the sun for hours without sunscreen! Not too smart! So, what did I think of the Goddess Garden sunscreens I received?

  • I loved the smell of these sunscreen…just a very light and pleasant scent. There is no overpowering aroma of coconut like in many traditional sunscreens.
  • The Goddess Garden Sport has a handy flip top which you can use one handed. Very convenient! It took only a minute to rub in and dried rather quickly. My skin wasn’t overly tacky after application nor was it glaringly white like in some zinc based sunscreens. You could tell you put something on your skin but it was not unpleasant.
  • The continuous spray does not mean ‘no rubbing in required’. I did assume that it was just a spray and go but the directions do indicate that it needs to be rubbed in. It sprayed out in a nice, fine mist that was easy to rub in and it absorbed quickly. This would probably be my first choice for the teens who are lazy and feel that the act of pulling a trigger takes too much effort. I would love to see a ‘no rub in required’ formula since rubbing in sunscreen is also sometimes beyond their level of energy!
  • The trigger spray was almost identical to the continuous spray, although the sunscreen came out a little heavier. Still very easy to rub in, nice scent, and no heavy feel to it after you finished applying it.

Overall, I liked all three of these sunscreens. I have not hit the pool or beach yet this summer to really try it out over several hours of intense sun but the label says it will provide protection for 4 to 6 hours unless you are swimming. The sport variety says it is good for 80 minutes of water time and the everyday version is good for 40 minutes. These sunscreens will definitely be going into the pool bag this summer.

Have you tried a safe sunscreen for your own family yet?

Goddess Garden logo

The Goddess Garden Giveaway

Goddess Garden would like to encourage everyone to rethink their sunscreen choices this summer. If you would like to try out a safe sunscreen for your time in the sun, they are giving away free samples. The first 100 people to sign up for the Goddess Garden newsletter will receive a free 1 ounce tube. The next 500 people will receive a free sample sachet while supplies last. If you would like to try Goddess Garden, just click on the image below!

Get a 20% off discount on your safe sunscreen with code #SunSafeGoddess

Good from May 19th through July 31st

Goddess Garden Free SamplesThis safe sunscreen post is sponsored by Green Sisterhood and Goddess Garden however all opinions are my own. #SunSafeGoddess


  1. These are definitely great tips. Sunscreen is super important.
  2. Amy Desrosiers says
    I only like using all natural sunscreen products! I need to order some of this from Amazon before my vacation.
  3. This is great! It will protect our family without harming us or the environment. Thanks!
  4. I have read a lot about Goddess Garden. I am really impressed at how much they live what they say. I am awaiting my order so I can try it out for myself. Thanks for sharing :)
  5. I just started using this brand and love it. Actually, my entire family loves it. And they're a tough crew to please when it comes to sunscreen!
  6. We love the trigger spray and continuous spray for limbs and lotions for faces. I believe even the conventional invisible sunscreens are SUPPOSED to be rubbed in to reach the advertised level of effectiveness. Love your healthy summer tips! Always good to keep water handy in the hot summer months.
  7. I am so happy that there are safe sunscreen options out there.
  8. I've been using Goddess since last year but this year's formula is even better! It goes on sheer, smooth, and not sticky at all! Safe ingredients are important but so is easy of use and effectiveness! Glad you love it too!
  9. I'm thrilled that we have smart sunscreen choices like this now. I appreciate your review on these variations of the product. We tried one of last year's Goddess Garden formulas, and agree it rubs in fine, not pasty, and is easy to use. Our only issue was a sometimes clogged spray nozzle, so I hope the kinks were worked out with that this year.

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