Delicious Honey Gift Ideas to Help Support the Pollinators!

Honeybees are struggling to survive. The overuse of pesticides and dwindling habitat for flowers are causing declines in their population at an alarming rate. Without honeybees, our food system will crash and burn! Choosing a few of these delicious honey gift ideas this year will help support the farmers, beekeepers, and other individuals who are working so hard to protect this threatened organism. I encourage you to support the pollinators. Do a little bit of mindful shopping and then check out my posts on making a honeybee watering station or mason bee house. Because the fate of the honeybee really is in our hands (and if you don’t understand why this is important, check out my post about what do honeybees do to learn more)!

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Delicious Honey Gift Ideas to Help Support the Pollinators!

Delicious Honey Gift Ideas to Help Support the Pollinators!

If you want to support the pollinators with your shopping dollars, here are a few ideas for you!


Honey Sticks

This is probably one of my kids all time favorite treats. Honey sticks are basically pure honey and I definitely encourage you to find ones that avoid adding artificial flavors or colors. You will be able to taste a variation in flavor just because the honey comes from bees that visit different types of flowers. Clover honey tastes different from orange blossom honey! Learn to enjoy the subtle variations without artificial additives!


Honey Spoons

These honey spoons serve double duty. You can use honey spoons to stir your mug of hot tea OR  you can just enjoy it right off the stock as a lollypop! The honey spoons that I shared in the photo above include real bee pollen which has amazing health benefits. You can buy them HERE.


Pure Raw Honey Comb

Honeycomb is one of my son’s all-time favorite treats. He sort of just pops a chunk in his mouth, lets it melt to get the honey out and spits out the wax. I grew up doing this at my uncle’s house who was a beekeeper. Check out the post on LIVESTRONG.COM about uses for honeycomb. Beeswax is great for DIY cosmetics and has many household uses. You can buy pure honeycomb on Amazon. 

Honey Gift Set with Superfoods

Honey is delicious all by itself but this honey gift idea is perfect for the health-conscious foodie in your life. Delicious with tea, breakfast bowls, on toasted bread, cheese, or fruits. The honey gift set from Apiterra Raw Honey contains  2 Raw Honey (pure), 1 Raw Honey with Açaí & Blueberry, 1 Raw Honey with Turmeric & Ginger, 1 Raw Honey with Matcha, 1 Raw Honey with Raspberry. You can also check out the Raw Honey Gift Box from which has an amazing selection of honey products in it.

DIY Honey Gift Set

If these honey gift ideas aren’t a great fit, consider putting together a gift basket of your own personal favorites. Visit your local farmer and pick up some honey. Add in some fresh fruit, teas, and maybe a honey cookbook or a few of their favorite herbal teas. My kids will be getting some honey candies in their Christmas stocking this year and a stainless steel honey dipper is another great stocking stuffer. Easy to clean in the dishwasher!

I hope these honey gift ideas have inspired you to shop mindfully this holiday season and support the pollinators with your shopping dollars. It is vitally important that we protect honeybees so vote with your dollar!

Have any other honey gift ideas to share?

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Delicious Honey Gift Ideas that Help Support the Pollinators!

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