Prepare for Talkable Moments With Your Daughter

Plan ahead for talkable moments with your daughter to make the conversations less awkward.  Are you are getting ready to have “the talk” with your daughter? How do you approach the topic with her? When talking to your daughter about her first period, or any deep conversation you need to have, keep the conversation as natural as possible.  I thought I would share a few tips for talking with your daughter as part of this Kotex ambassadorship.

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Prepare for Talkable Moments With Your Daughter

Talkable Moments With Your Daughter

When my children were toddlers, it seems like all they ever did was TALK. There was constant babbling about everything under the sun along with an assortment of questions that I rarely had answers to. No, I don’t know how many balloons it would take to float you into the clouds! Probably more than you will find in the junk drawer!

As girls mature, it is harder and harder to find talkable moments with your daughter. As my daughter gets older and approaches puberty, I need to know that the lines of communication between us are open. I want to ensure that she comes to ME with her questions and not just her friends. I know that I can give her the right answers…what she learns from her peers may or may not be true. Kotex can help you prepare, too!

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Your Daughter’s First Period

As a Kotex Ambassador, I have brought you several discussions over the last few months that include tips on dealing with your daughter’s first period. Kotex has a great deal of information on their website on how to prepare your daughter for her first period. You can also find some great tips for finding talkable moments with your daughter to make the conversation more natural.

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There is a handy calendar for you to actually pick a date approximately 2 weeks away for you to start the talk. During that 2 week time frame, you will have ‘chores’ to prepare yourself for the talk. These chores include things like brushing up on puberty facts, a practice ‘question and answer’ session, product information for tween appropriate sanitary items, and email reminders so you don’t accidentally forget the big day.

The site also has some very useful information on things like yeast infections, HPV vaccines, and hygiene tips. These are all things our daughters are going to have to know about when they start to enter puberty!


A Girl’s First Period

Girls are starting their periods earlier and earlier in the last decade. Some girls are beginning their period as young as 8 or 9 which just blows my mind completely! To me, 8 is still much to young to worry about anything besides climbing trees and playing with dolls! Don’t let your daughter be caught by surprise because you thought she was too young to have this discussion with! Not sure how, where, or when to approach the conversation? Here are a few of my daughter and I’s favorite times to ‘bond’:

The Best Moments To Talk To Your Daughter

1. Bedtime: My husband and I tuck the kids in every night…stuff them under blankets, start music, kiss goodnight, say prayers, etc. Occasionally, I try and come right out and ask how things are going with them but just having that one on one time allows for questions if they come up.

2. In the car:  My daughter loves music but every once in a while, if we are in the car alone, I try and ‘forget’ to put the radio on. A moment or tow of silence will make it easier for her to start chatting!

3.  In the kitchen:  Oddly enough, one of the rooms in my house where most detailed and personal discussions are held is the kitchen. My daughter and I love to cook together, which allows us to chat without looking eye to eye. This is less intimidating if you want to ask something potentially embarrassing! Often, while the kids are eating breakfast and I am making homemade lunches or emptying the dishwasher they just start asking questions about whatever they happen to have in their heads.

I have always told my kids that they can come to me with any question at all and I will answer it as best I can, no matter how embarrassing it is to either one of us. Hopefully, my daughter understands that she can come to me if she needs to!

Be Prepared With A Period Emergency Kit

In order to make sure that your daughter is prepared for a ‘period emergency’ is to put together a little travel bag of necessities for her,  You can put in all sorts of things and not just feminine hygiene items.

Kotex sent my daughter this cute cosmetic bag full of things like a Brush and mirror compact, band aids, hair ties, and a nail file. We added a few U by Kotex Tween pads and panty liners as well as some lip balm, wet wipes and lotion.

You may want to consider putting in a couple of Advil for cramps. Our school won’t let kids keep medicine with them but I did tell her she could go to the nurse for an Advil if she has cramps or a headache. Put the bag  in her backpack or a sleepover bag so she will be prepared in case of an emergency!

Things You’ll Need For a Period Kit

  • Small bag or purse
  • 2-3 pads
  • 1-2 tampons
  • Panty liners
  • Pain medication
  • Small calendar
  • A pen
  • Underwear

If you have a young girl who is heading into puberty, visit the Kotex home page for all the information you need to prepare her for her first period. Then, try and create a talkable moment for the two of you! If you would like to learn more about Kotex, you can follow them on Facebook.

Have you had the talk with your daughter? Where was your talkable moment?



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  1. Wow, this is great kit. I have a daughter but she is not at that stage yet but have a friend how has a daughter this would really be great for her as well. Thanks for sharing. Love it. Great way to prepare girls 🙂


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