Beat Holiday Weight Gain with These Simple Tips

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Oh, how I miss my twenties and thirties. Those were the days when I could eat Christmas cookies and not put on a single pound. I didn’t have to worry about how to beat holiday weight gain because my metabolism worked off all those extra calories without me lifting a finger to lose weight. Now that I am in my forties, however, holiday weight gain is a real concern. I am pretty sure I put on weight just SMELLING the dang eggnog and homemade caramel. I will need to work hard this year to avoid those extra pounds around the middle called ‘too much stuffing’ and ‘one more slice of pie’. If you struggle to maintain your weight, especially around the holidays, here are a few tips to beat holiday weight gain this year!

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Beat Holiday Weight Gain with These Simple Tips

Beat Holiday Weight Gain with These Simple Tips

Eat before you attend your holiday party:  This may sound counterintuitive, however, you should eat a small but healthy meal before you head out to the holiday office party. Sit down to a salad with grilled chicken and you won’t be so tempted by the pizza, casseroles, and other none diet friendly offerings.

Look for high protein, low carb options:  Protein is great for filling you up and empty carbohydrates just end up on your hips. Beans, hummus, lean meats, etc are good choices when you are trying to watch your caloric intake. Even just snacking on mixed nuts is a better choice than going for the chips or crackers.

Make your potluck dish diet friendly:  Beat holiday weight gain by feeding yourself at every party! Offer to bring a dish and make it one that is diet friendly. You will have food at every gathering that won’t pack on the pounds! Check out the healthy appetizers and party food on The Food Network for inspiration.

Fill up on fiber:  Fiber helps fill you up quickly. Head for the raw vegetables, whole grains, and fruit trays before you dip that chip into a creamy cheese dip.

How to Beat Holiday Weight Gain

Skip the alcohol:  One of the best ways to beat holiday weight gain is to keep the ‘holiday cheer’ down to a minimum. Try to avoid drinking too many cocktails during the holiday if possible. If you are making them at home, dilute your favorite cocktail with sparkling water to cut calories and add a bit of ‘sparkle’ to your beverage.

Learn to say ‘No, thank you’: Do you have an aunt who just thinks you need to have seconds at every meal? Or a mom who keep shoving ‘just one more cookie’ at you? Just learn to say NO to beat holiday weight gain due to peer pressure.

Avoid the white stuff:  Empty calories come from things like bread, potatoes, whipped cream, pasta, and mayonnaise. If the food you are reaching for is WHITE, think again.

Drink lots of water:  Not only is it good to stay hydrated but holding a water glass gives your hands something to do besides shovel food into your mouth!

Beat Holiday Weight Gain with These Simple Tips

Count Your Canapes: You know those delicious little treats that come on toothpicks? It’s easy to eat a ton without realizing it. When there are canapes, keep track of how many you eat by stashing a toothpick in your pocket for each one. Set a limit and stick to it.

Make time for exercise:  It’s hard enough to find time to exercise during the week but add in holiday chaos and some days it is nearly impossible. You are going to HAVE to schedule exercise into your day to beat holiday weight gain. Added pounds are merely more calories IN than are going OUT. Put it on your to-do list and get up early for a trip to the gym.

Stop nibbling while you cook:  Yes, those little cookie dough balls and bits of candy cane really do have calories. So, stop putting them in your mouth when you think no one is looking!

Treat yourself occasionally:  Saying no to every holiday treat is depressing and more often than not results in things like eating an entire pie in one sitting. Let yourself have a cookie occasionally. Just don’t eat the whole tray!

You CAN beat holiday weight gain this year if you pay attention to what actually goes in your mouth and plan ahead a little bit!

Do you have any other tips to beat holiday weight gain?



  1. Great ideas. it really can be tough to keep the weight off during the holdiays.
  2. I definitely overindulged during the holiday season but also feel that is part of the fun. That being said, it did feel good to get back into the gym today!

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