Best Eco Friendly Gifts for a Romantic Date Night with a Small Carbon Footprint!

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Are you looking for the best eco friendly gifts for a romantic date? Red may be considered the color of love but when it comes to Valentine’s Day you should really start thinking GREEN! If you listen to the hype on TV it seems like women can only be happy if they get diamonds, flowers, and a Lexus as a symbol of their significant other’s love. Unfortunately,  none of these options is really all that great for the environment. Here are a few alternatives to traditional Valentine’s Day gifts and activities that you may want to consider this year! I am including a few affiliate links to some of the best eco friendly gifts I found on Amazon!

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Best Eco Friendly Gifts for a Romantic Date

Best Eco Friendly Gifts for a Romantic Date Night


Chocolates:  Instead of buying a mass produced brand of chocolates from your local discount store, look for Fair Trade Certified or Organic chocolate instead. This way, you know that the cocoa beans were grown in a sustainable manner and the farmers were paid a fair price for their crops. Consider supporting your local economy by finding a small chocolatier in a nearby city.

Flowers:  Traditional flowers are usually grown overseas and shipped via airplane to your local stores. Tons of pesticides are used to grow the flowers and then jet fuel is wasted to ship them to you. Consider giving a potted plant instead or find a company like  Organic Bouquet to find flowers grown in a more sustainable manner.

Dinner:  Heading out for a restaurant dinner may sound romantic but this type of meal is really not great for the environment. Find a Farm to Table restaurant that supports local farmers that raise their foods in an ethical and ecofriendly way. You can also buy organic food at the grocery store and spend time cooking WITH your significant other! Couples that cook together, stay together!

Jewelry:  There are a lot of options that are more friendly to the earth than strip mining diamonds! Choose something pretty and sparkly made from recycled metals or look for a company like Brilliant Earth that offers ethically sourced gems.

Best Eco Friendly Gifts and Homemade Massage Oil

Romance:  One of the best eco friendly gifts you can give is some personal one on one time! Sometimes, just spending a little quiet time with your significant other makes a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Look for soy candles with natural scents, organic massage oils and bath products, and lingerie made from organic cotton or another sustainable material. You may have to look a little harder to find these items but the quality is usually worth the effort! You can also make a homemade massage oil and you control the scents and ingredients!

Sometimes we can get caught up in the hype of the holidays and not realize that we have the power to vote with every dollar we spend for a healthier planet. There is no reason that you can’t still enjoy the luxury of flowers, jewelry and delicious foods. The best eco friendly gifts need to be chosen wisely. That way, you can reduce your carbon footprint while you nibble on your organic chocolate!

Have any other eco friendly gift ideas to share?


  1. My wife is from a farming community, and the farm-to-table restaurants are the best. We even live close to a locally owned Mexican restaurant where they grow their ingredients behind the building. Fresh ingredients make for the best romantic restaurant experience.
  2. Fair Trade Certified and Organic chocolates get me every time! Plus, I really do like the taste better because they seem to have some of the best dark chocolates!
  3. Love the idea behind these gifts!! Even better that they are carbon footprint reduction!
  4. Mistee Dawn says
    These are all such great ideas! I can't wait to try some of them with the hubby! Thanks for the motivation.

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