My ShiftCon Health and Wellness Conference Experience

I was provided conference attendance at no charge in exchange for sharing my views on the ShiftCon Health and Wellness Conference.  All experiences are my own.

Two weeks ago, I attended the ShiftCon Health and Wellness Conference in Atlanta.  While I have been passionate about green and healthy living for quite some time, this was an eye opening event.  From meeting new organic brands to learning  some frightening facts about glyphosate, this was a blogger conference that was well worth the time and travel into Atlanta.  If green living, long term health, and sustainable food interest you, this is a conference you won’t want to miss.   

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Learning About Health And Wellness

ShiftCon is a blogger conference, however, it is much more than that.  This is a wellness conference for anyone interested in healthy living, social activism, organic brands and sustainable food.  The list of companies who attended this blogger conference was impressive!

Zego muesli at shiftcon conference atlanta 2019

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Brands That Care

Even if you are not a green blogger, this conference can be incredibly helpful.  Everyone should be concerned about overall health. From the National Bison Association I learned the amazing story of the bison in the United States.  It was both sad (that this majestic animal was almost eliminated completely) and inspiring (that they have made such a comeback).  

I learned how much healthier bison is compared to conventionally raised cattle and that the species is thriving again BECAUSE ranchers are raising them for food.  That might seem a bit convoluted, right?  But honestly, without a demand for bison meat, there was no incentive for people to preserve the species.  That seems sad to me, however, it is a basic fact of life in our society. 

plate of sustainable food from the shiftcon conference 2019

I was also encouraged to hear that the bison industry is actively encouraging the participation of Native Americans in the ranching program.  Indigenous people have a long history in the region and it only makes sense that they should play a part in bringing bison back to the open plains of this area. 

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In addition to the story of bison, I learned about a ton of wellness brands, ranging from organic food like Stonyfield yogurt to healthy probiotics from Seed.  The data analyzing glycosate residue in beer was depressing since it is found in just about every beer on the market.  My husband was not happy to hear that! Of course, listening to the presentation from Stonyfield yogurt and their #playsafe initiative was inspiring. It’s good to know that there are brands that care fighting for a healthy environment.  ShiftCon wellness conference was loaded with scientific data, inspiring stories, and great wellness brands!

Rebbl elixir in a bucket of ice

Your Food’s Journey Matters

The overall message from the healthy food brands that I met was that your food’s journey from field to plate really matters.  Learn about where your food is grown.  Look for the organic label.  Support brands that pay farmers a fair wage.  And be willing to spend money for healthy food because it IS worth it.  

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The food journey I was particularly inspired by at this health and wellness conference was  REBBL elixir.  The story of just one ingredient, the mighty Brazil nut, was shared as an eye opening video.  This brand actually started as a CAUSE, to end human trafficking.  And from their fair trade practices to the financial support they provide Not For Sale, they are working hard to provide a health supporting, tasty beverage while also fighting against human trafficking.  I encourage you to head over to REBBL and check out their inspiring story. 

Image of table from Shiftcon EWG presentaion that says who knew lipstick could be revolutionary

Natural Ingredients Matter.  Even in Beauty Products.

The Environmental Working Group had a large presence at the ShiftCon Health and Wellness Conference this  year. In addition to the EWG, there were a number of beauty brands from makeup to lotions, who are passionate about using safe ingredients. Why should you be concerned with natural ingredients on your skin?

  • Most personal care products on the market today are largely unregulated.
  • It has been more than 80 years since Congress last updated the federal law designed to ensure that personal care products are safe.
  • The Food and Drug Administration does not require even the most basic safety testing of ingredients in personal care products before they are used.

Demand better from personal care companies.  How?  Support brands who care about product safety.  Look for the organic label on skincare brands.  Understand that the word natural means very little.  The only way safe personal care brands will thrive is if we support them with our dollars when we shop. 

people marching for change and holding a sign

ShiftCon Encourages Social Activism

ShiftCon Atlanta was a meeting of people dedicated to enacting change in a number of different ways.  I met green bloggers passionate about organic food.  There were also small business owners learning how to promote their new CDB company.  I ate lunch with YouTubers teaching people about nutrition and community volunteers learning how to spread their message of sustainability.  I also got to eat a ton of great food, learned how to improve my blogging, and met a great bunch of people!

jars of healthy banana pudding at shiftcon conference

In short, ShiftCon Atlanta was a resource for anyone who is interested in healthy living, eco-wellness, and enacting change in their community.  The takeaway message is simple.  Use your voice to educate and encourage.  Make your platform work for YOU to bring change to our society.  HOW you do it depends on you and your community.  

  • Are you a wedding consultant?  Talk to your clients about eco friendly wedding ideas.
  • Have a career as a personal chef? Use more sustainable food in your recipes.
  • If you are a blogger, share eco friendly craft projects with your readers.
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Want to attend ShiftCon Health and Wellness Conference in 2020?

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