Summer Garden Projects For Your Backyard Bucket List

I know it’s getting hot out there,  however,  there are a ton of summer garden projects that could be done this month.  From weeding the garden to hanging a hammock, turn your backyard into an oasis of peace!  Looking for a few DIY garden projects to upgrade your space? I’ve got plenty of ideas to choose from!

Each season has its own garden chores to tackle. Spring means getting the soil ready and planting. Fall is the season to harvest the last of the summer produce and clean up the garden beds. And summer…the summer garden offers a LOT of opportunities to get your hands dirty.

If you are wondering what sort of summer garden projects to tackle this month, here are a few things to add to your to do list!

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10 Summer Garden Projects You Need to do NOW!


Easy Summer Garden Projects 

Summer is hot but there are plenty of summer garden projects to keep you busy. Plan to work early in the morning or after dinner to avoid the hottest rays of the sun. Here are a few things you may want to tackle this month.

Tackle weeds on a regular basis

Weed control has got to be my least favorite garden chore, however, if you ignore it for weeks it does not go away. I know. I have tried this method with zero success! Weeds will easily take over in the fertile soil of your garden.

Pick them by hand, mulch your garden beds, and use other natural methods of weed control whenever possible. Check out my post about natural weed control methods for tips on how to stay in control of the weeds.

Easy DIY Mason Bee House to Help Save the Pollinators

Encourage pollinators to visit your summer garden

Healthy plants will only produce a high yield if pollinators are around to help. There are numerous backyard projects to attract pollinators.  You can try making a honey bee watering station or plant flowers that attract butterflies.

Make a mason bee house to attract this small but helpful bee to your garden plants. Pollinators are vital to our food supply so let’s do everything we can to keep them happy!

Beautify your entertaining space

Summer is the perfect time for outdoor entertaining. Place outdoor solar lights around your walkways and tuck them into flower beds. Snip fresh flowers from your bushes and place in a pretty vase on your wooden picnic table .

Set up a whiskey barrel full of water and float flowers and tiny tea lights in it. Your summer garden will provide plenty of pretty things to beautify your entertaining space!

DIY wood garden basket filled with produce

Harvest your produce regularly

A summer garden may produce food at an amazingly fast rate. Keep going out to your garden daily to harvest your supply. You put a lot of work into that garden. Don’t let your produce go to waste!

Need something to carry all that produce around in?  Build your own DIY garden harvest basket and stop using your t-shirt as a produce container!

Roof gutter pipe line after rain with water drainage. drainpipe


Keep your summer garden well watered

Plants use a LOT of water as they grow and produce fruits and veggies for you. Water thoroughly and regularly to keep your plants healthy and productive.

Make sure you make plans for watering while you are away on vacation. Enlist a neighbor or set a timer on your sprinkler system if necessary. Installing an irrigation system is a big project, but did you know  you can make a simple DIY garden sprinkler

Essentially, all you need is a 2 liter plastic bottle, something to poke holes in it, and access to a garden hose and water source. Then, you can turn it on and let it run while you rest in your backyard hammock!

Another great summer garden project is to build a rain barrel system to help conserve water this summer. 

Get creative with using what you grow

Have no idea what to do with 47 zucchini or a counter full of fresh herbs? Start Googling! Stay on top of your summer garden harvest so that none of it goes to waste. Many summer garden chores will actually take place in the kitchen!

And if you still don’t know what to do with the other 42 zucchini you have?  Start a small farm stand on the side of the road.  You would be amazed at the number of people who would LOVE to buy your backyard produce!

Fertilize your summer garden for maximum yield

Your summer garden still needs a lot of nutrients to remain healthy. I like to fertilize in spring when plants are growing quickly and then again in early summer as the fruits and veggies are starting to get produced.

Use natural garden fertilizer whenever possible. Egg shells and coffee grounds can be turned into the soil to help feed your garden plants. Check out these other foods you can use in the garden as well!

One of the best backyard garden projects to help fertilize your garden is to build your own compost bin!

Garden Photography Insects

Identify and eradicate bugs:

Bugs are a fact of life in a summer garden. Beetles, caterpillars, worms, and an assortment of other pests want to share in the bounty you have created. Identify them and then get rid of them!

You can pick them off by hand or use natural sprays, diatomaceous earth, or products containing “BT” (a bacteria) to eradicate many garden pests. Make a few DIY earwig traps or invest in a few backyard chickens to help control the pest population.

Build a shady spot

There is nothing worse than planting a beautiful summer garden and having it be so hot and sunny that you can’t spend time out there enjoying it. Build a pergola or covered seating area with a simple bench so you can spend time enjoying the beauty of your summer garden.

What else should you add to your peaceful backyard space?  How about setting up a backyard hammock to rest in after a hard day’s work?

Golf Ball Lady Bug Craft as Pretty Upcycled Garden Decor

Beautify your garden with garden art

Garden crafts can provide a beautiful and whimsical look to your back yard. Make bottle cap flowers or pretty stepping stones. No reason why your garden has to only contain plants! Try making golf ball ladybugs or make a toad house

If you aren’t the crafty sort, head over to SunnyDaze Décor and check out some of the Outdoor Garden Decor that they offer! Whether you are looking for garden gnomes & statuaries or an outdoor fountain, they have an amazing selection to choose from. 

Gardening is a lot of work but it also provides amazing rewards. A local and organic supply of food, great exercise, and even possibly improved health! Take a few minutes every day to tackle your summer garden checklist so it doesn’t become quite so intimidating!

Quaint cozy cabin exterior with fire pit in North Carolina

More Backyard Projects For Summer

Looking for more ways to beautify your outdoor space, landscape your yard, or grow your own food? Here are few more projects to try this summer.

  • Backyard Design Ideas That are Good for the Planet: Here are a few backyard design ideas to help you create a sustainable landscape around your home. 
  • Vegetable Gardener’s Book Of Building Projects: 39 projects ranging from simple plant supports, dirt sifters, and raised beds to the more complicated picnic tables, cold frames, compost bins, and wooden swings.
  • How to Create a Backyard Oasis  Upgrading your back yard is a great way to encourage the whole family to spend more time outside.  From planting an herb garden to building a koi pond, create a space you will love to relax in.

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